Genshin Impact: How to release the safety on the Cannon’s Breech?

The new area in Genshin Impact Version 2.6 has got some players scratching their heads in confusion. The Chasm is a vast underground mine to explore and along the way are monsters to slay and puzzles to solve. 

In the Heavenly Stone’s Debris questline, you will need to ready the cannons for use by “releasing the safety on the cannon’s breech.”

That sounds easy to do, but how exactly do you do that in the game? 

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Step 1: Read the Safe Blasting Device Signaling Guide. 

By following the quest navigator, you will find a book in the mines—the Safe Blasting Device Signaling Guide. While it does not say exactly what you should do, it will give you a clue as to how you can complete the task. 

The guide says: 

“Low lamp post, high-frequency flicker. 

Middle lamp post, low-frequency flicker. 

High lamp post, low-frequency flicker.” 

Credit; HoYoverse

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Step 2: Head to each of the posts and change their frequency. 

To see where the lamp posts are, you can click on “Observe” from the platform. The closest is the High Lamp Post, the middle is, obviously, the Middle Lamp Post, and the one that’s quite far away is the Low Lamp Post.  

From the platform, glide to each of the posts. By interacting with them, you can change the frequency of how they flicker.

Set the flicker frequency of each lamp post according to the Safe Blasting Device Signaling Guide. While the game won’t exactly tell you what frequency the lamp is in, you will notice the change in the lamp’s flicker speed. 

After all the lamps’ frequencies are set as indicated in the guide, Zhiqiong should say, “There we go! That should unlock the cannon!” 

That means you have successfully released the safety on the cannon’s breech. 

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