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Candace is one of the newest additions to the Genshin Impact roster, being a 4-star Hydro Polearm character who specializes in buffing her teammates. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Candace Special Dish.

She is the guardian of the Aaru Village in the desert region of Sumeru and a direct descendent of the Scarlet King. She dedicates her life to protecting her people. She believes the rules of her village to be the most important thing to protect, and that ends up being reflected in her cooking.

Candace can be used to create the special Utmost Care, an upgraded version of the regular dish Aaru Mixed Rice. Candace Special Dish will always be stronger than the regular version of Aaru Mixed Rice, even if it was created with a Delicious quality. 

Special Dishes can be randomly obtained when cooking the regular version of the recipe with the corresponding character, and they are usually named and themed around their owner. For Candace, it represents her will to serve the village in which she was raised and born, and it was also created with a dish from the same village as its model.

Candace Special Dish: Utmost Care

Utmost Care 

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Credit: Hoyoverse
  • Restores 80 stamina.

Candace’s specialty. The aroma of this dish hits your nose long before it can be plated up. It would seem that Candace’s adept guardianship also extends to sustaining appetites… But, uh, this really is an extraordinary amount of Aaru Mixed Rice. How are you supposed to deal with this mountain of “overflowing consideration”?

As simple as it can get, the Candace Special Dish restores some stamina to the user, being useful for climbing high mountains, something that you may find more frequently when exploring the new desert areas of Sumeru.

The biggest downside to this dish is the complicated recipe, which makes it simply easier for players to get a different food with similar effects to do the trick. 

Credit: Hoyoverse

When you cook Aaru Mixed Rice with Candace, the dish can be randomly obtained. The original recipe can be obtained in her birthplace, the Aaru Village. You can buy the recipe from Azalai for 2500 Mora. You can also buy the Mixed Rice (ready for consumption) with the same vendor.

The village is probably the first location players will visit when entering the desert for the first time, being near both its entrance and the first Statue of the Seven. 

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Aaru Mixed Rice

candace special dish original
Credit: Hoyoverse
  • Restores 40-60 stamina.

A large serving of filling staple food. Each grain of rice is distinct and distinctly and covered in flavouring sauce as you spoon them into your mouth. No oily meats were used to make this dish, and yet its flavor is alluring still. This dish stacks flavours like the endless dunes themselves, bringing a most unique satisfaction.

Both of the recipes are created with the same ingredients, consisting of x2 Tomato, x3 Rice, x2 Glabrous Beans, and x2 Flour. But remember that the Candace Special Dish will always be better than a Delicious Aaru Mixed Rice.

There are currently no achievements for creating Special Dishes, but they are a nice little touch to have in the game. They tell us more about the character and are better to use in battle than regular dishes. Why not collect some of them?

Genshin Impact is currently available for PS4, PS5, Android, iOS, and PC. A Nintendo Switch port is stated to be in development with no release date revealed.

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