Genshin Impact and OnePlus collab brings a limited bundle

genshin impact oneplus collab featured

Genshin Impact meets OnePlus with another unexpected collab. The partnership between both properties was previously announced in the Chinese version of the 2.2 Special Live Program, and it’s finally coming to life.

The new collab brings an exclusive Genshin-themed OnePlus bundle made especially for the Chinese audience. It includes the new OnePlus 9RT along with accessories such as a case, a poster and even a back-clip cooling fan, all inspired by miHoYo’s game.

Sucrose as the main character in the Genshin Impact x OnePlus collab

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The bundle, as showcased by AE Entropy, brings Sucrose as its focus. Along with the new phone, it brings a Sucrose phone case, a stand poster, a badge and an Anemo-themed cooling fan to make sure your new phone won’t overheat while playing Genshin.

The phone also comes with a Sucrose theme preinstalled, and buyers will also receive a code including some in-game rewards. The prizes are 1000 Primogems, 100.000 Mora, 15 Weapon Enhancement Crystals, 5 Vayuda Turquoise (for ascending Anemo characters) and a piece of Sucrose’s exclusive dish.

genshin impact oneplus collab bundle
Credit: OnePlus

If you’re a diehard fan of the Harmless Sweetie, you might be let down by the fact that the bundle will be only made available in China, according to its official Weibo post

But it’s not impossible that, with 9RT’s official release, a similar bundle might be made available for customers from around the world. It never hurts to dream, right?

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Genshin Impact is currently on its 2.2 version, “Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog”, which introduces a whole new area to explore, as well as new enemies, weapons, events and the return of previously limited characters and gadgets.

You can play the game for free on mobile devices including Android, iOS, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Pc on both miHoYo’s official launcher and Epic Games Store. A Nintendo Switch version is stated to be in development.

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