Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super surprise crossover – details revealed January 2023

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super

Following the success of the crossover last summer, it seems one of our favorite collaborations is about to return to Fortnite as we receive details of the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super crossover.

With the My Hero Academia collaboration still in the game after technical issues in December, Gohan, Piccolo, Broly, and maybe even Cell are making their way to the legendary island, ready to spice things up in Chapter 4.

Let’s take a look below at all the details we have so far!

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super – the details

Credit: Epic

In a vague Tweet from Epic games, details have begun emerging ahead of the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super Crossover with the date 31st January 2023;

Credit: Twitter

The Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super tweet displays the ship belonging to the Red Ribbon Army, the group of villains that Goku and his friends have been dealing with since the early days of Dragon Ball. The group made a comeback in the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero full-length movie, suggesting the collaboration may be linked to the new movie.

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Credit: Epic

With the last crossover being such a huge success, with it its own adventure island, new weapons, and challenges, data miners are working hard to reveal what is in the works. We can expect a series of new skins and items available within the game, although we are yet to receive any official confirmation of exactly what they are. If the last Fortnite X Dragon Ball is anything to go by, we know these cosmetics aren’t cheap to purchase, so be sure to have your V Bucks ready.

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