Fortnite August 2022 Crew Pack: Release date, time, exclusive skin, and cosmetics

Fortnite August 2022 Crew Pack

It can’t be denied that the Phaedra skin, which is featured for the month of July’s Crew Pack, has taken Twitter by storm. With the dark and gothic character’s spooky gears and outfits, a fun-filled Halloween came early for Fortnite Crew subscribers.

Now that July is coming to a close, a brand new August 2022 Crew Pack will soon be released. So, if you want to know more about this shiny new Crew Pack, feel free to read on.

We’ll tell you which character is going to be featured, what benefits you can get, and when you can get them.

When will the August 2022 Crew Pack be available?

As confirmed by Epic Games’ new blog post, the new Crew Pack is set for release on July 31st at 8 PM ET. This is 1 AM BST on August 1st. During this time, the July’s Crew Pack rewards will expire, so make sure to grab them before then if you haven’t already.

What is included in the August 2022 Crew Pack?

Similar to the previous Crew Pack, subscribers can get many benefits including an exclusive outfit and Season 3 Battle Pass access. If you subscribe to this month’s Fortnite Crew, below is a list of benefits that you can claim:

Fortnite August 2022 Crew Pack Benefits
Credit: Epic Games
  • Wolverine Zero Outfit
  • Muramasa Blade Back Bling
  • Best Fight You Ever Had Loading Screen
  • 1,000 V-Bucks
  • Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass

That’s right! Here comes another popular Marvel character. Wolverine is finally coming to the world of Fortnite!

Aside from these fantastic benefits, you can also claim the special Cuddle Cerise Style for the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling. So, if you’re an active Fortnite Crew subscriber, you can claim this by simply logging into the game during the No Sweat Summer Event.

Fortnite August 2022 Crew Pack - Cuddle Cerise Style of the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling 
Credit: Epic Games

How much does the August 2022 Crew Pack cost?

While there is a lot of great stuff you can get from the Crew Pack, it comes with a price. The Fortnite Crew subscription will cost you $11.99 USD per month. But it’s a great deal if you ask me!

How can I subscribe to the Fortnite Crew?

Subscribing is easy. You only need to purchase the subscription from the game’s Item Shop or the Battle Pass tab.

On other news, you can finally get the new John Cena x Fortnite skin today!

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