UPDATED Cold War Zombies: Firebase Z Wonder Weapon Revealed?

Last Updated on: 30th January 2021, 11:04 pm

Treyarch gave us our first look at Firebase Z today! It wasn’t just the map we got to see though… During the trailer, we might have just got a look at the brand new Wonder Weapon coming to Cold War Zombies via Firebase Z?

Wonder Weapons are CoD Zombies, right? The Ray Gun is, pretty-much, the ultimate Call of Duty Zombies weapon.

Don’t get us wrong, Cold War Zombies makes it easy to enjoy playing with other weapons. The new Pack-A-Punch system is truly incredible.

However, nothing quite beats the Ray Gun… Until now?


Treyarch have announced that the new Black Ops Cold War Zombies wonder weapon, coming alongside Firebase Z, is the R.A.I. K-84.

Check out their tweet below:

The R.A.I. K-84 is a modified assault rifle that has been developed by Omega Group to deal with whatever the Dark Aether is throwing at them. It features an Element Converter and a charge-able magazine over conventional ammunition.

Firebase Z Wonder Weapon Is Like An Aether-AK ?

Okay, we’re coining that term… It’s unofficial, but it isn’t inaccurate? In the Firebase Z trailer, we got a small glimpse of what appears to be the next wonder weapon.

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You can check out what it looks like below:

Firebase Z Wonder Weapon
Credit: Treyarch

It appears as if it is a modified AK-47 which shoots some sort of Aether-powered ammunition. You can get a better look at it in the Firebase Z trailer below:

On top of all this, we got a great look at the new zombies map and the fearsome enemies that are on the way!

We also got introduced to the mysterious Ravanov. He appears to be Weaver’s “Vietnam Liaison”. Maybe even a second new Operator? It isn’t out the realms of impossibility…

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Firebase Z and the new wonder weapon are coming to Black Ops Cold War Zombies February 4. Are you ready to take Omega Group down?

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