World of Warcraft: Everything You Need to Know about Dragonflight

Blizzard has taken it up a notch as they revealed the Dragonflight expansion for the World of Warcraft last Tuesday. With new features being introduced, players have a lot to look forward to in Azeroth. And as the expansion’s name suggests, it’s all about dragons. 

Yup, the dragons are back! And with their return comes new lore, race, class, zones, revamps, and more! 

We know it can be a bit overwhelming, but in this article, we have gathered everything that you need to know about Dragonflight

Dragonflight Lore 

Narrated by Alexstrasza, Aspect of the Red Dragonflight, the Dragonflight cinematic trailer takes us back to 10,000 years ago when the Dragon Aspects sealed off the Dragon Isles after the Great Sundering. This was to allow the land to “slumber” until the world is finally healing. By then, the titanic watchers would have to light the Beacon of Tyrhold, revealing the long-lost isles. 

You may also watch the trailer here:

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Dragonflight New Playable Race and Class 

The Dracthyr Race 

This draconic race has the ability to switch between two forms: a humanoid form and a dragon form.  

Evoker Class 

As the Dracthyr race has abilities that only they can do such as calling upon the magic of the different Dragon Aspects, they don’t fit to any of the existing classes. Thus, the Evoker class is exclusive to this race. This is also the only class available for the said race. 

Moreover, this class has two specializations: 

  • Devastation is a ranged DPS, and 
  • Preservation specializes in healing. 
Credit: World of Warcraft

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas commented that the game has already had enough melee heroes and leather-wearers, so the Evoker class has range and wears mail armors.  

Dragonflight New Zones 

The Dragon Isles are a lush and primal place bursting with elemental magic and the life energies of Azeroth. These are comprised of four new zones for all players, and an additional new zone accessible for players starting out as a Dracthyr

Waking Shores 

Credit: World of Warcraft

A wild and untamed land, the Waking Shores is the very first zone in Dragonflight, the ancestral home of the black Dragonflight. Here, Alongside Queen Alexstrasza and Wrathion, players join The Reliquary and The Explorer’s League to examine the shores’ lost history. Not only that, it’s also here where players encounter the Djaradin, which are half-giants that wield the power of magma. 

Ohn’ahran Plains 

Credit: World of Warcraft

Next to the Waking Shores is Ohn’ahran Plains, which are vast, wide-open plains. This place is named after the Wild God of the Wind Ohn’ahra who appeared long before as an eagle spirit and brought the Centaur to the Dragon Isles.

The centaurs are very good hunters. In fact, they had fought the green Dragonflights when they first settled in Dragon Isles. However, the two eventually made peace with each other, having an agreement that dragons stay in the groves while the centaurs stay in the plains. As the players are the first outsiders to arrive in their settlement for generations, they have to abide by the Centaur’s traditions and earn their trust. 

Azure Span 

Credit: World of Warcraft

The third-place players will adventure to is Azure Span. It is one of the biggest zones in the game to date. With coastal fogs and gigantic redwood trees, the Azure Span took inspiration from the Grizzly Hills from Wrath of the Lich King. This zone also has several layers of elevation. It begins with the forests, then tundras, and then an area covered in snow which is what the majority of the zone is. 

The ancestral home of the Blue Dragonflight, it is here where players meet with the revamped Tuskarr race and alongside them, aid the blue Dragonflight with Kalecgos


Credit: World of Warcraft

Beautiful and pristine, Thaldraszus is the seat of power for all Dragonflights and home of the dragons. Thaldraszus has huge vertical mountains with caves where players may encounter dragon hordes. This zone is home to the bronze Dragonflight which uses time magic. 

Credit: World of Warcraft

Players will also reach the main city hub of the expansion in Thaldraszus which is called Valdrakken. This city offers some convenient features for players including a public auction house

The Forbidden Reach 

A land that was locked away until recently, The Forbidden Reach is the starting zone for Dracthyr players. 

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New Skill: Dragonriding 

As players will have to make their way across the Dragon Isles, they’ll partner up with the Dragonflights and travel through the air for the first time. With this, they’ll unlock a new skill, the Dragonriding Skill which can level up over time. 

Credit: World of Warcraft

HUD and UI 

During this expansion, there will be a couple of changes to the HUD and UI for functionality and aesthetics that will accommodate the times.  

The minimap and health bar will appear larger, and some of the clutter will be removed to provide more gameplay visibility.  

Moreover, players will be able to move various elements of the HUD around the screen, and each component will have various sets of options players can work with. They will be able to save, edit, copy, and name it. It will also remember the HUD layout that players have for that specific spec. 

Talent and Specializations 

Blizzard is working on revamping the Talent System where players have more options in shaping their characters instead of having a predetermined progression when they level up. 

Profession Revamp 

Credit: World of Warcraft

Since its launch, Professions have been a staple of the World of Warcraft. In Dragonflight, Blizzard wants to make professions more a part of the player’s identity. 

One of the things they introduced is Crafting Orders which allow players to request others to craft something for them even if they don’t have the skill or have the right profession to do it themselves. Probably the best thing about this is that the crafted item can be Soulbound.  

Blizzard will also be adding crafting tables for all professions within the new city hub of Valdrakken which is a great way for crafters to meet up or for players to look for a crafter. 

Moreover, crafters will be getting new types of gear that won’t take up any space in their backpacks and will have special stats on them that will aid in getting better in their profession. 

With this revamp, players can build their own clientele and build their reputation for high-quality items. 

In recent years, players of the World of Warcraft have dwindled. But with this expansion, things just might change for the better. What are your thoughts? 

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