Kentaro Miura – How a Work can Transcend, Inspire, and Mark Generations

Berserk Guts

Yesterday, not only the world of manga, but the literature world as a whole took one of the biggest blows in its history, with the notice of the passing of Kentaro Miura, writer, and illustrator of the genre-defying manga Berserk, among many other works.

Miura had been dealing with health problems in the last decade, stopping, and making changes in his schedule to be able to continue its publishing. He passed away on May 6th, at age 54, due to an acute aortic dissection, and a private service was held by his family.

The author’s passing was announced on Twitter in a note of passing, which you can check out below:

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The news hit the whole manga community like a truck, both among the fans of his work, and those that, even if never read his work were aware of his importance in the scenery, and he touched the lives of many people all over the world.

If anything, Miura’s work was the prime example of how one person, of how art, can transcend its media, its plane. Touching, and in many cases, as stated by many fans all over the globe, saving lives.

Berserk, Miura’s most know story, and his masterpiece, is a story about enduring, finding strength amount adversities, holding the ones dear to you close, overcoming trauma, hurt, is a history about moving forward, about finding the things important to you, and about finding yourself.

Guts, the manga’s protagonist, and the embodiment of everything the work stands for became a symbol of that, as fans all over the world saw him carry his blade and stride forward, against all the odds, the hurt, and against even fate itself.

The second duel between Guts and Griffith, part of the Golden Age Arc, and featured in episode 36 ”Morning of Departure (2)”. One of the most famous panels in manga. Credit: Kentaro Miura / Berserk Volume 8.

For many fans, Berserk is not only a manga, not only a title, and Miura, not only an author but a dear friend, a part of their family, his work, a significant part of their lives. Have them be reading it for twenty or for five years, Miura, together with his exceptional storytelling ability, had, as we said above, the power to connect you to its characters, to the struggles, to the teachings, and to touch heavy and delicate themes in a way that really separated his work from the rest.

The importance of Berserk for the genre cannot be summarized with words alone, and many, if not all, histories of the said theme, carry inspirations, and homages to the work. The most well know of all is From Software’s whole Soulsborne franchise, made famous for the release of both Demon Souls, in 2009, and Dark Souls, in 2011.

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Now, as we all wish our sentiments, condolences, and strength to Miura’s loved ones, and to his fans all over the world, who also mourn his passing. The whole manga and anime community takes time to remember him, honor his genius, and his impact on the world, and in many lives. Rest in Peace, sensei.

Berserk is being serialized since 1989 and had its most recent chapter (Episode 363) released last January. The manga is also serialized all over the world, with Dark Horse Comics holding his rights in North America.

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