100T Abbedagge: “We are here to bring aggression”

100T Abbedagge and coach Reapered

After an impressive performance against Cloud9, I sat down with 100 Thieves midlaner Abbedagge. I asked him about the champions in the mid-lane, the performance of 100 Thieves during the 2022 Summer Split, and more.

Below you will find the transcript from the interview I was able to have with him.

100T Abbedagge interview transcript

Any questions I ask will be in bold font, and any answers will be in regular font.

100T Abbedagge on-stage
Abbedagge on-stage during the 2022 LCS Summer Split (Credit: Tina Jo/Riot Games)

Coming off of the Cloud9 game just now, you and FBI were the driving force behind that game. You played into a Sylas which is sometimes seen as a counter to Ahri, what was that game like going against Jensen and playing against Cloud9 in what fans saw as a measuring stick game for the team?

I think we had a good read on how they wanted to play and I’m pretty happy ending the draft like how we did. We felt like we were playing what we wanted and they aren’t going to be as comfortable.

Coming into the second half of the round-robin, you guys have not lost a single game so far. What flipped the switch for you guys coming into the second half of the split?

I think we were just looking to ramp up gradually as the split went on. We don’t always give our full effort at the beginning of the split. We’re just looking to time our peaks at the right time, like going towards playoffs and finals.

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I talked to FBI a couple of weeks ago and he said that “To lose is to Improve”, and that you guys didn’t really care that much about it, or he didn’t care that much about the first half results because it just wasn’t that important. Do you have a similar sentiment or do you have a different perspective?

No, I definitely agree. I think that the early games don’t matter as much because the meta is always going to be different, like when playoffs start compared to the beginning of the split. You just kind of do your best, and as I said, you just take it a bit more lightly. Towards playoffs, you put your head into practicing as hard as you can.

I was watching you guys last year when you won the Summer Split. The dives today felt like I was watching last year, with you guys making clean dives under towers, but this time with the teleport changes. Is diving going to be a playstyle for 100 Thieves again or was this more of an experiment to see if it worked?

I think as we are starting to play more aggressively and play better, that comes naturally. Now we are in positions where we can actually dive. I don’t think our dives haven’t been as clean, and we’re definitely going to work on those. We are here to bring aggression and to be a driving force for the LCS.

Some fans have compared you guys to LPL teams based on your playstyle. Would you say that’s fair for comparison or would you say that there are differences in your playstyle from how the LPL traditionally plays?

We take inspiration from every league. We watch the LPL, LCK, and the LEC. We take what we like, I would say. We also have some of our own ideas. Our playstyle just came around; naturally, I would say.

We’ve seen you play Azir, and two weeks ago we saw you get the quadra kill against EG. Today you’ve played Ahri and you didn’t die until the Nilah decided to dive you and Huhi during the top lane fight late into the game. Do you think that the scope of champions has changed since changes to dragons and priority on the rift herald?

Ahri Splash Art
Ahri, the champion that Abbedagge played against Cloud9. (Credit: Riot Games)

I would say that the dragon changes haven’t changed it up that much; that wasn’t what decided the mid-lane champion pool opening up. It’s been that this season that it feels like every champion is kind of viable in the mid-lane. There are so many options, so you can kind of choose your preference.

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Thank you to 100 Thieves and Abbedagge for giving me the opportunity to sit down with him and be able to talk with him after a very important game. If you’re interested in following Abbedagge on Twitter, you can find it here.

You can catch the 100 Thieves on-stage trying to lock up first place during the last weekend of the regular season on Saturday and Sunday, with all the stakes on the line heading into playoffs next week. For the full LCS schedule, you can find that here.

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