2022 League of Legends Worlds Play-ins day one recap

Fans during the 2022 Worlds Play-ins day one

The 2022 League of Legends Worlds play-ins day one is here, and the most significant international event for the eSport did not disappoint. With games from every team in both groups going on all day, it was one big way to kick everything off.

However, the day was long for the teams, with pauses and technical issues plaguing the day. The final game of the day, RNG vs DRX, took place an hour after it was supposed to start. Some teams did get sloppy at the end of the day just because of how tired everyone got.

With big-name teams, like Royal Never Give Up, DRX, MAD Lions, Fnatic, and EG playing, there were bound to be some blowouts against some of the minor region teams, but there were also flashes of brilliance from everyone in each game. There were Pentakills, flashy plays, comebacks, and more.

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2022 Worlds Play-ins day one results:

  • MAD Lions > Isurus
  • Evil Geniuses < Fnatic
  • Mega Bank Beyond Gaming > LOUD
  • DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats < MAD Lions
  • Fnatic > The Chiefs
  • DetonatioN FocusMe > LOUD
  • Saigon Buffalo Esports > DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats
  • Royal Never Give Up < DRX

Fnatic show up to play

Fnatic's roster during the 2022 Worlds Play-ins day one promotions
(Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Despite playing with a substitute support player after their starters tested positive for Covid-19, the European team Fnatic had an undefeated day and looked good while doing it. Hylissang, the team’s starting support player, was not able to play due to his illness, but his replacement looked really good in his place.

The 2022 Worlds play-ins day one saw the global debut of Rhcukz, the support from the team’s academy team, stepped up in a massive way during the first day of play-ins. Not only did he not die once in either game today, but he also ended up with twenty-two assists, leading to an infinite K/DA.

The rest of the team outside of Rhcukz looked good as well. Humanoid, the team’s mid-laner, Razork, the team’s jungler, and Upset, the team’s starting bottom laner, all had standout performances. Upset did end up getting the crown jewel in the team’s final game, ending the game against the Chiefs with a pentakill.

If Hylissang is able to play tomorrow against their next opponents and their level of play stays the same, they are going to be a scary team to go against, to say the least. They are now the favorite, most likely, to make it to the group stage from all of the major regions playing in this stage of the tournament.

It is worth noting that their fellow European team, MAD Lions, also went undefeated today, landing both teams at the top of their groups.

2022 Worlds Play-ins day one Standings:

Play-Ins Group A:

  1. Fnatic (2-0)
  2. Mega Bank Beyond Gaming (1-0)
  3. LOUD (1-1)
  4. DetonatioN FocusMe (0-1)
  5. Evil Geniuses (0-1)
  6. The Chiefs (0-1)

Play-Ins Group B:

  1. MAD Lions (2-0)
  2. Saigon Buffalo Esports (1-0) *tied with DRX
  3. DRX (1-0) *tied with Saigon Buffalo Esports
  4. Royal Never Give Up (0-1)
  5. Isurus (0-1)
  6. DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats (0-1)

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Now that the 2022 Worlds play-ins day one is finished, day two of the 2022 Worlds play-ins is around the corner. Will Royal Never Give Up be able to bounce back after their loss to DRX, will the teams that have now wins to their name be able to put one in the victory column, and will Europe stay undefeated? It all will be revealed tomorrow.

For the full schedule for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, you can find that at lolesports.com. This is also the place where you can watch the tournament and earn drops when major events happen in-game.

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