MHA Chapter 328 summary and impressions

mha 328 stain breakout

Last Updated on: 5th October 2021, 12:53 am

While not leak uploads this time, I have come around yet again to give my thoughts on MHA Chapter 328! The official chapter can be read at VIZ and will be the translation I’m using here. Seems this may be one of the last slow chapters we have for quite a bit, as it focuses primarily on backstory and information exchange.

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The early focus is on the hero killer himself, Stain, during the mass breakout at Tartarus. As mentioned in the last chapter, the knife thrown at All Might contained valuable data about the prison’s security system, and the chapter takes his perspective for the first half. Interesting to note is that they show that Stain, despite doing the right thing, is still ostracized by the guards and assumed to be acting on his villainous impulses.

mha chapter 328 one for all
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

The shift then focuses on All Might and his longtime friend in the force, discussing the finer points of the vestiges within One for All and how they can communicate between former and current users of the Quirk, surmising that All for One may possess even greater ability to communicate with Shigaraki. This all leads to a reveal that while they thought they had a month to act, the heroes all around the world only have three days before Shigaraki is back.

For the first time, we finally see the international field reacting to the havoc in Japan, with Interpol being the main international agency. While the big heads argue over which heroes would be sent or which countries can lend their support, America’s No. 1 hero seems ready and primed to act. Star and Stripe, yet another Superman/Captain America design, is introduced and seems to have been a mentor of All Might.

mha chapter 328 star and stripe
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

While I absolutely loved the last chapter and its slow pacing, this one… left a little to be desired for me. Due to the general tonal shift, a happier, slice of life chapter was a welcome reprieve, and seeing the cast get to be kids is always a pleasure. While there is good worldbuilding in MHA Chapter 328 and we finally got to see a relevant international hero, a lot of time is spent theory-crafting One for All and setting up international drama despite setting a very close time limit for things to pick up.

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Even so, this bodes well for future chapters. The plot will probably kick into high gear again, and seeing how Star and Stripe fights is what I’m personally most excited about moving forward. Potential team up with Deku, maybe?