MHA Chapter 327: spoilers, plot details, panels, and more!

bakudeku bait in mha 327

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2021, 08:41 am

Leaks are coming in an hour or two later than usual but I, resident MHA guy, shall continue to report on any and all leaks as I always have. This week’s leaks come from Rukasu, and I’m here to give everyone the full story and events of MHA 327 as well as some of the panels and the title ahead of the official release in a few days. This week’s chapter title is “REST!!”

Spoilers ahead as always so be warned. If you missed last week’s chapter, I’ve got the usual linked below! Without further ado, let’s get started!

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While it has been something of a running joke for the last few chapters, we do finally get to see Deku get a long-deserved bath in MHA 327 after literal weeks of doing nonstop hero work. The kid was said to be caked in blood and sweat, so the chapter opens with the Class A students rushing Deku to a shower room and forcibly throwing him in the bath. Class A shenanigans have been sparse for a while, so I’ll take a lighthearted turn of events here.

We finally get the long-awaited follow-up to Deku and Bakugo’s heart to heart a few chapters earlier, and he elaborates that he still wants to be the number one hero and that their rivalry is by no means over… before throwing some water in his face. He nearly refers to Izuku as Deku but stops himself before Izuku playfully interjects, commenting that he really doesn’t need to force himself to call him Izuku every time.

bath time 327
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

After a successful group bath, the boys leave and Deku inquires about Uraraka, though it appears she passed out the moment she was done shouting her heart out. The group begins to question Deku about One for All, asking tons of different questions before Todoroki cuts them off, telling them to save it for later and to let the boy sleep. Despite this, Deku feels he has to apologize to All Might before he could possibly hope to sleep, unsatisfied in their last conversation. Thankfully, All Might arrives just in time, aiming to apologize to Deku as well.

While All Might is fairly busy, he comes to the class bearing new info that the next fight is near. While he may not be able to help as much as he’d like, he commits himself to help in any way he can. His student is sure to assure the former hero that his lunch boxes were invaluable and that if he were smart enough to stay by All Might, he would never have started on that self-sacrificial path. All Might has to leave early and heads to meet with Endeavor, cutting their conversation short.

todoroki 327
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

In a surprising follow-up to the past conversation, the focus shifts to the Todorokis. Some of the class wonder why Endeavor doesn’t visit the academy, but Shoto tells them that all the information Dabi revealed to the public left the public more unsure than ever about Endeavor and even himself as well. While not in the same ruthless way as before, Shoto once again swears to end the suffering his family caused and to be a hero that can make people feel safe and happy.

Deku falls asleep during this conversation, and the cutest thing maybe ever happens in Shoto putting a blanket over him as Jirou calls the band members from the culture festival back together. They want to do something to make everyone happy, just like before, realizing that they cant go back to the past, but they can work to help solve the problems which plague their future. They all resolve to do their best as they decide to GO BEYOND!

mha 327 go beyond
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

MHA 327 ends with a perspective switch to Hawks and Best Jeanist driving around, summarizing the information acquired from Garaki, the Nomu research, and the data Stain left behind. It seems it will take two months for Shigaraki to return to form, and villains defeated by Deku revealed that All for One wants One for All before Shigaraki is back. As such, the heroes need to launch a counteroffensive within a month’s time to keep an advantage. While Stain’s note may have been a love letter to All Might, the real info was stored on a chip hidden in one of his knives, containing the records from Tartarus’ security system.

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Hoo boy… Well, I went into MHA 327 expecting the counterattack to start fairly quickly, but I won’t argue at all with slowing it down and shifting to a slice of life chapter. The series has been darker than ever for a while now, so letting the kids be kids is heartwarming, and it is clear they’re setting up to a bigger battle than ever before. I’ll be here once again to report on MHA 328 when the leaks are out!