Pokemon Go: Is Hoopa out yet? When can we get Hoopa?

The Mythical Pokemon Hoopa (Confined)

Players have been looking out for Hoopa in Pokemon Go since the Pokemon was teased in the loading screen art at the release of Ultra Unlock, but so far there have been no signs of it since, except for the related research.

So where is the mythical mischief Pokemon?

How to catch Hoopa update

Hoopa is now available in Pokemon Go as part of the ongoing Misunderstood Mischief storyline. If you’re looking for a Hoopa of your very own, make sure to check out our article on how to catch Hoopa now!

The original article will resume below this point, though may now be outdated.

When will be Hoopa be available in Pokemon Go?

Until Niantic themselves or a leaker can confirm anything regarding Hoopa, we’re currently stuck guessing about when we’ll get access to the mythical mischief Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But we can always make some pretty educated guesses.

I previously speculated that it was possible we’d be seeing Hoopa unbound as a legendary raid due to a 5* raid page on Leekduck that had no boss as of yet listed. It turned out to be Dialga as part of Ultra Unlock 1, as with an upcoming part 2 to Ultra Unlock, Palkia would be a pretty obvious follow up even if it wasn’t already listed. So where are we going with this?

Dialga in a Pokemon Movie, featuring in the Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock event
Dialga is currently active in Pokemon Go Raids as part of Ultra Unlock part 1
Credit: Bulbapedia

Well as it happens, there are 3 parts in total to the Ultra Unlock event.

And we just so happen to know nothing about part 3 so far. Now, it’d be quite unlikely that Giratina doesn’t turn up during part 3, as they’d otherwise be the only missing part of the Creation Trio, which would seem quite unusual, to leave a member of the set out like that.

However, as noted in our original speculation with Hoopa, Hoopa Confined, the version we have been seeing, is a Mythical Pokemon, not a Legendary Pokemon. The key difference is that Legendary Pokemon appear in raids, Mythical Pokemon typically do not.

If you’ve already played a fair bit of Pokemon Go, you might be familiar with how Mythical Pokemon are caught, as you might have experienced it with Mew and Celebi or the like.

Pokemon Anime Mew
Mew is an example of a Mythical Pokemon, like Hoopa Confined.
Credit: The Pokemon Company

In short, you get a forced AR camera capture attempt, where the Pokemon will be captured on the third throw. So why does this matter?

Well, simply put, Giratina could appear as the final raid boss of the Ultra Unlock series of events, and Hoopa Confined could appear during the event regardless. There isn’t an overlap there, as Mythical Pokemon aren’t likely to be introduced in raids.

If Hoopa confined is released during Ultra Unlock – which seems likely, given the timing of the teaser of the Pokemon, it will likely be via a research event chain, as opposed to raid battles. Now if we get a completely unexplained raid after Giratina is here, that may well be Hoopa Unbound coming as well. But for now, we shouldn’t be expecting Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon Go, as it hasn’t been teased.

Is there anything else to be aware of?

Not particularly, we do have another article available about Hoopa that focuses on how to get the Pokemon that you might wish to take a look at, as that is being updated as more information comes in. While how to capture Hoopa is a mystery at time of writing, we intend to update with the relevant information as soon as it is known.

The simple fact of the matter is Hoopa is still currently a mystery, but it seems extremely unlikely it would have featured in the loading screen art and then Niantic immediately shelved the Pokemon. Unless Niantic wanted a lot of disappointed Pokemon fans, anyway – that’d be a great way to achieving that.

In the meantime, you can find other Pokemon Go news, stories, and guides on The Click right here, and more pieces written by me personally here.

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