How to get Poffins in Pokemon GO 2023 – time to get your Buddy excited

Pokemon Go Poffins

Last Updated on: 17th July 2023, 11:17 am

Big or small, we all love our wonderful companions whilst traveling the world through Pokemon GO. However, it’s very easy for our buddy to get worn out whilst using regular berries and fruits.

Thankfully, we have Poffins! A great way to keep our buddies happier for longer so they can travel far and wide with us.

Here is everything you need to know about getting a Poffin, and how they work.

What are Poffins?

Credit: Niantic

A Poffin is a fantastic treat for your Buddy!

Giving your buddy a Poffin means you and your buddy can earn the max number of Affection hearts for the Give your Buddy a Treat category, currently 27 a day.

Feeding your buddy a Poffin also means that the distance needed to walk for candies is halved, the number of hearts you earn per day doubles, and the time a buddy spends on the map is doubled. Poffins work on all Pokemon as long as they’re set as your buddy.

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poffins buddy pokemon go
Credit: Niantic

Unfortunately, you can’t just obtain Poffins through gifts, Pokestops, Gyms, or as a reward from a Research Task.

However, you can get Poffins through the Pokestore using 100 PokeCoins. PokeCoins are easy to obtain by purchasing them through the in-game store or by placing your Pokémon in Gyms to earn them.

Getting coins in Pokemon GO

There are two ways to get your hands on coins in Pokemon Go, via the Pokestore or by earning them.

To earn coins, you need to place your Pokemon in a Gym, either by battling out an opposing team or by taking control of an empty Gym.

However, no matter how long a Pokemon is in the Gym for, the maximum amount of coins you can get for the day is 50. So whether you have your Pokémon in there for 24 hours or even a year, you can only get up to 50 Coins.

This doesn’t mean if you put two Pokemon in different gyms you would get 100 coins that day. Taking 2 days with Pokemon in different gyms would ensure you would have enough coins to get one Poffin by the end of the two days.

If you can’t get Pokemon in gyms, you can use real money to buy coins. A set of 100 coins costs around 1 Dollar, this may change depending on where you are.

Pokemon Go is available to download now on Apple and Android Mobile devices