Stadia Internal Studios Shut Down Permanently

Google Stadia have announced that they are going to shut down their internal studios. From now on, they will focus on developing their platform alongside game publishers.

Stadia Pro is still one of the platform’s priorities, however, the future is uncertain given the closure of Google’s game development studios.

Reports had appeared earlier in the year that Google was cancelling any projects slated for release in mid-to-late 2021. However, the titles that were supposedly close to launch appear to be cancelled as well.

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Stadia Internal Studios Shut Down Impact

Both Google’s Montreal and Los Angeles studio is due to close, impacting around 150 developers. However, Kotaku have reported that Google will attempt to find these impacted staff a new role within the company.

In addition to this, veteran producer Jade Raymond is also exiting the company. Raymond helped build the Assassin’s Creed series for Ubisoft and has since worked with EA and then Google to run “Game Creation” at Stadia.

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Google will continue to offer Stadia Pro as a monthly subscription service, but it seems as if it will continue on as a competitor to Origin Access, PS Plus, or Xbox’s GamePass.

Stadia was, well… Is an interesting piece of technology that will eventually find it’s place in the industry. Although it could not guarantee a series of Triple-A titles to combat the games developed by Microsoft and Sony, it’s streaming technology is still worth using.

Stadia Internal Studios Shut
Credit: Google

Google’s Head of Stadia Operations, Phil Harrison, is moving to focus on building exclusive partnerships with developers in the hopes of saving Stadia as a console of it’s own.

However, if this fails, Stadia could also quite-easily be adopted into an existing service and use it’s technology there. Imagine… GamePass, but on a Stadia. The possibilities are almost endless.

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