Netflix to produce Tomb Raider anime series

Tomb Raider movie screenshot.

Video game adaptations have always been a mixed bag, with some turning out really good, such as the Castlevania anime or The Witcher series, and some have turned out really bad such as the Super Mario Bros movie.

With the recent releases of Castlevania and The Witcher, it seems that gaming adaptation may finally be taking a step in the right direction.

A recent tweet from Netflix tells us that Lara Croft will be coming to Netflix soon in her own anime Tomb Raider series.

The Netflix press release for the new series states that the series will be produced by Netflix and Legendary Television together, and will be set after the events of the recent Tomb Raider trilogy reboot games.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider art
Credit: Square Enix

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Lara Croft will be up to her usual adventures and exploration into new territories in the new series for Netflix. The original game is coming up on its 25th anniversary in October this year, which is mentioned in Netflix’s press release, which could give us a hint as to when the series might be arriving. Most likely, it will be sometime after the anniversary hits later this year, which could mean anytime in the next few years. Its current development stage is unknown.

The recent Tomb Raider film from 2018 will still be getting a sequel despite this news, and recently even got a new director. This means we will be getting quite a lot of Tomb Raider content coming up soon.

Tomb Raider movie screenshot.
Credit: Forbes

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The series’ Executive Producers will include Tasha Huo, who worked on The Witcher: Blood Origin and Red Sonja, Dmitri M. Johnson, the dj2 Entertainment Founder and CEO known for working on Sonic the Hedgehog, Stephan Bugaj and Howard Bliss, as well as Jacob Robinson.

Along with a new Tomb Raider series, there will be a new King Kong anime series as well, Skull Island. This will also be produced by Netflix and Legendary Television and will follow a set of characters who are shipwrecked on Skull Island, home to prehistoric animals including Kong. The series will be animated by Powerhouse Animation, who worked on Castelvania and Blood of Zeus.

These two series are a bit of a surprise considering they are going to be animes of classic characters from film and video games, but either way it will be exciting to see how they turn these beloved characters into anime heroes.

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