Kingdom Hearts IV is officially revealed

During the KINGDOM HEARTS 20th ANNIVERSARY EVENT held in Tokyo, Square Enix officially revealed the fourth main entry in the series, Kingdom Hearts IV. This time with realistic graphics, the next-gen game will feature a grown-up Sora after the events of Kingdom Hearts III.

The 20th anniversary happened a few weeks ago on March 28th, but aside from a crossover art from Final Fantasy VII Remake, similar to what happened during the FFVII 25th anniversary, no announcements were made up until this point.

The trailer also featured gameplay trailers for other games, such as the Kingdom Hearts Union? Dark Road finale and a new game, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, which seems to be a 3D version of the original Union? game, but still for mobile devices. A closed beta test for it should be available later this year.

Kingdom Hearts IV official trailer revealed

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If you’re only interested in Kingdom Hearts IV, its trailer begins at 4:05, and it shows the beginning of the next saga in the series, The Lost Master arc, which directly follows the end of the Xehanort saga in III.

Sora awakens in a modern-world room, in which he’s greeted by no one else than Strelitzia, a girl presumed to be dead from Union ?, who dubs the world they are currently as Quadratum, the same setting for the Re:Mind DLC for KH III.

In this new city, clearly inspired by Shibuya, a new giant Heartless appears, and as Sora rushes to defeat it, two characters shrouded in Black Coats gaze upon him. In the final scene, Donald and Goofy are looking for their lost friend before they are surprised by another mysterious figure.

kingdom hearts iv revealed gameplay
Credit: Square-Enix

No release date was given, but after most recent critics and feedback, we may expect that this new entry in the series won’t be taking more than 10 years to actually be available. And even more, hopefully, no extra “side games”, which are basically main entries meant to be played before it, will be made for a while.

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Kingdom Hearts III and the previous series’ remasters are available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC through Epic Games Store, and, more recently, Nintendo Switch.

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