Epic Games Backtracks on Fortnite Cosmetics Ban

Fortnite Banned Cosmetics Locker

With last week’s Fortnite update one of the biggest surprises was the inclusion of cosmetic ratings, which would mean that cosmetics rated higher than the age rating of Islands made in Creative would be unusable.

This has largely applied to scarier skins such as monsters, and cosmetics with weapons on them. For example, if you are playing a Creative map that is rated for 7-year-olds and above, you will be unable to use a cosmetic that is rated Teen.

It is worth noting that this largely applies to Creative maps that don’t involve weapons and it doesn’t affect any of the Epic Games-made modes such as Battle Royale, which are all rated Teen.

Understandably, the community has been both confused and annoyed by this change, with some calling to be able to refund cosmetics they can no longer use in their favorite Creative maps. With this recent outrage, Epic Games has been listening and will be making changes in an upcoming update.

Epic Games has announced that the majority of the affected cosmetics will be unbanned from Creative Islands rated below Teen with the 28.00 update on December 3, 2023, to kick off Chapter 5. Until then the cosmetics will remain banned.

In a blog post, Epic Games revealed that as of right now only ten outfits will remain banned in islands below the Teen rating.

“We were conservative in how we reviewed cosmetics and their potential impact on an island’s rating. We are evaluating all cosmetics again now.

A small number of existing cosmetics and less than ten Outfits will remain playable only in T-rated (or regionally equivalent rated) islands because of their obvious fear or violence elements.”

Fortnite Chapter 5 will launch on December 3, 2023, which will include a brand new map and new mechanics, following the incredibly popular return to the OG Island in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5.