A Female WWE Superstar is coming to Fortnite in the next collaboration

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Collaborations and Fortnite go hand in hand and often the latest one hasn’t even left the Item Shop before the next is added.

Over the years we’ve seen characters from the likes of Marvel and DC come to Fortnite as well as many animes including Dragon Ball Z, and even real-life celebrities such as Ariana Grande, and WWE‘s John Cena enter the Battle Bus to try and claim a Victory Royale.

Speaking of WWE, it looks like it is gearing up to once again partner with Epic Games to add a new Superstar to Fortnite following the inclusion of John Cena in July 2022.

News of the next Fortnite X WWE collaboration broke back in April 2023 but since then there has been radio silence from both parties.

It now looks like the collaboration is close to happening as prominent Fortnite leaker FNAssist tweeted that the news has become “relevant again.”

FN Assist Fortnite WWE Becky Lynch Collab Tweet
Credit: X/Epic Games

Both WWE and Fortnite fans speculated that Rhea Ripley could be the Superstar chosen to be immortalized in the Battle Royale shooter. It also seemed likely when Rhea Ripley herself liked the tweet. Sadly, that doesn’t look to be the case as Fortnite leaker Barbie Harp confirmed that Mami would not be the female WWE Superstar coming to the game.

Rhea Ripley Like Fortnite Tweet
Credit: X/WWE/Epic Games

It does make sense because you can’t have Mami without her Dom Dom.

Fortnite Rhea Ripley Leak BarbieHarp
Credit: X/WWE

Speculation now points to Becky Lynch being the chosen female Superstar to come to Fortnite. This would make sense as Lynch has long been a top star in the company and a poster child for the company, representing them in mainstream interviews and events.

Since debuting in WWE in 2013, Becky Lynch became a founding member of the Four Horsewomen alongside Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte Flair. Over the course of her career, she is a six-time WWE Women’s Champion, former Women’s Tag Team Champion, and the 2019 Royal Rumble winner. Lynch would also be the first woman to main event WrestleMania alongside Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.

Fortnite Rhea Ripley Leak BarbieHarp
Credit: WWE

There is no release date for the next Fortnite X WWE collaboration, but leakers believe that it will be announced very soon.