Most Streamed Game On Twitch In 2020

Now, more than ever, people are looking to Twitch for a source of entertainment online. We’re looking into what the most streamed game was on Twitch in 2020. What is everyone watching?

Despite the rising competition of YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming, Twitch still reigns supreme in the streaming platform world. Not only do hundreds of thousands of us log in to stream whatever we’re playing to the world, millions of us log in to watch what other people are playing too! 

But, that isn’t to say that gaming is the be-all and end-all of Twitch. Just Chatting is one of the most popular Twitch categories, rising to sit comfortably amongst the most popular games in terms of viewership. Here, people can virtually do anything within the rules and guidelines of Twitch’s policy.

Many streamers use it to blend game-playing with segments of conversational vlogging. This stops Twitch categorising their stream to one title, offering a freedom of choice in a way.

Popular Streamers like Pokimane often broadcast in Just Chatting / Credit: Google Images

Twitch is now also starting to be home to sports streams, music, and much more! That isn’t to say it’s moving away from its core, despite these advancements in the broadness of its content… Gaming remains at the heart of the platform.

You might be wondering… What is the most streamed game on Twitch in 2020? Recently, titles like Among Us and Rust have gained popularity with some of the biggest names on the platform. However, do they even come close to the top spot? 

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Let’s find out below. All information was taken from the Twitch Stats & Analysis site SullyGnome. 

Most Streamed Game On Twitch In 2020

Below, by game, we’ve listed and ranked the top 15 most-streamed titles on Twitch from 2020. We’re listing them primarily by Total Stream Time, but also including the average statistics on the Total Watch Time, Peak Viewership, and Total Number of Streamers. 

15. Destiny 2

  • Total Stream Time: 8,278,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 101,280,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 403,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 292,000

14. Escape From Tarkov

  • Total Stream Time: 9,735,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 399,102,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 419,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 205,000

13. Overwatch

  • Total Stream Time: 9,898,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 170,843,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 194,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 469,000

12. Dead by Daylight

  • Total Stream Time: 10,093,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 199, 985,000
  • Peak Viewership: 128,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 390,000

11. Tom Clany’s Rainbow Six Siege

  • Total Stream Time: 13,695,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 147,338,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 235,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 842,000

10. World of Warcraft

  • Total Stream Time: 15,570,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 453,886,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 933,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 326,000

9. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

  • Total Stream Time: 16,184,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 713,750,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 829,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 927,000

8. Grand Theft Auto V

  • Total Stream Time: 16,895,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 824,227,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 389,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 925,000

7. Minecraft

  • Total Stream Time: 20,331,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 510,765,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 592,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 1,504,000

6. Apex Legends

  • Total Stream Time: 24,368,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 320,051,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 283,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 996,000


  • Total Stream Time: 28,231,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 814,702,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 1,729,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 1,195,000

4. Just Chatting

  • Total Stream Time: 28,459,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 1,995,891,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 1,118,000 
  • Total No. of Streamers: 1,638,000

3. League of Legends

  • Total Stream Time: 38,273,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 1,553,537,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 2,021,000
  • Total No. of Streamers: 1,169,000

2. Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Total Stream Time: 55,731,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 811,381,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 952,000 
  • Total No. of Streamers: 2,098,000

1. Fortnite

  • Total Stream Time: 82,753,000 Hours
  • Total Watch Time: 1,066,893,000 Hours
  • Peak Viewership: 2,332,000 
  • Total No. of Streamers: 3,337,000
Most Streamed Game Twitch
Twitch Prime subscribers can get free goodies for Fortnite, too! / Credit: Epic Games

Statistical Analysis 

One thing that is interesting is that, despite having over double the Total Number of Streamers, Overwatch was watched half as much as Escape From Tarkov. It is far from a dead game, but this trend in viewership can’t be seen as a good thing for Blizzard’s multiplayer hero shooter.

To counter this, Dead By Daylight proved to be watched more than Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, almost 50 million hours more, despite there being over 3 million more hours streamed on the strategical shooter. World of Warcraft also comfortably dominated the Total Watch Time of both these titles, and has the 5th highest Peak Viewership, despite having a lower Total Number of Streamers.

Minecraft also remains one of the more-popular choices with the 5th-highest Total Number of Streamers and 7th-highest Total Stream Time. However, it was not watched nearly as much as Grand Theft Auto V and CS:GO. That being said, almost 200 million more hours of Minecraft were watched on Twitch than Apex Legends, despite Respawn’s shooter being streamed for over 4 million hours more.

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Looking at the Top 5, there’s a lot that can be said. Just Chatting dominates the Total Watch Time statistic by several hundred million, however both Fortnite and Warzone have a lot more streamers. VALORANT is the newest title on the list and has proven its popularity by having the 3rd-highest Total number of Streamers and Peak Viewership. Fortnite, to no one’s surprise, is the most streamed game on Twitch in 2020.  

Fortnite Predator Jungle Hunter Quests Rewards Key Art
Fortnite is known for it’s collaborations / Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite doesn’t have the highest Total Watch Time, however, which could be a sign to show it’s decline. League of Legends comfortably dominates in terms of actual games, and Just Chatting is clearly proving itself to be a popular category for variety streamers. What is somewhat surprising is Warzone having a relatively low Peak Viewership in comparison to the other Top 5 titles. Although there hasn’t been any major events on a similar scale to Fortnite, Valorant, or League of Legends, this is unusual for a live-service title such as Warzone.

Are you surprised by any of the statistics here? We know about 2020, but what do you think the most streamed game on Twitch of 2021 will be?

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