Persona 5 Strikers – All Playable Characters and How to Unlock Them

Persona 5 Strikers PV Joker

Persona 5 Strikers was finally released in the west this week, and with it come some new characters. On it, players can experience the Phantom Thieves’ latest adventure in a Musou-style game, in which they need to defeat hordes of enemies and face a new and mortal threat.

But, contrary to what many people think, the know Phantom Thieves of Hearts are not the only playable characters in Persona 5 Strikers, since we have a couple of new faces making their debuts in the franchise.

Luckily, all characters can be unlocked by playing through the game’s main history, starting with the Phantom Thieves available in the game, who will all be unlocked for the start.

Check out below, all the characters who are playable in Persona 5 Strikers, their official descriptions, and if necessary, how to unlock them.

  • May contain spoilers of the games main campaign.

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The Protagonist: Joker 

”His Persona awakened in the midst of a series of psychotic-breakdown incidents. This lead to the creation of the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts,” dedicated to changing the hearts of rotten adults and responsible for foiling a menacing conspiracy.
Joker has high attack power and mobility, darting in with his dagger for quick close-range attacks.”

Morgana: Mona

”A talking black cat(?) that the protagonist rescued in the Metaverse who has stuck with him ever since. He guides the Phantom Thieves and also acts as their mascot.
Mona wields a shortsword. He is an agile fighter who can unleash attacks both on the ground and in the air. He can also lock onto multiple enemies using his slingshot.”

Makoto Niijima: Queen 

”Though not as strict and serious as she was as the student council president of Shujin Academy, she still acts as an older sister figure to the Phantom Thieves.

Queen is a close-range fighter who uses her fists as her weapons. She can use various skills while riding on her bike-shaped Persona. In addition, her attacks have the Burst feature, giving them a nuclear element. Her gun is a revolver, which allows her to fire quickly.”

Ann Takamaki: Phanter

”A kind soul who protects the weak and stands against evil with her willpower.
Panther wields a whip in battle. Her attacks have a wide range and can hit multiple enemies. She can also ignite her whip with flames and add the Fire element to her attacks. She uses a machine gun, which has ample ammo and can use rapid fire.”

Haru Okumura: Noir (Beauty Thief)

”A girl with a strong sense of justice, who also has a naive side and calls herself “Beauty Thief.”
In contrast to her refined appearance, Haru wields an axe when fighting. She can connect her Psychokinesis and Gun attacks to her regular attacks. Her gun, a grenade launcher, has high attack power and range.”

Yusuke Kitagawa: Fox

”Although he’s handsome at first glance, he’s so devoted to his craft that he sometimes lacks common sense, baffling those around him.
Fox wields a katana. He boasts high attack power and, thanks to his speed, can strike an enemy multiple times. He can unleash a flurry of attacks, and even counter as he sheathes his sword. His gun, a rifle, allows him to aim at enemies with ease and accuracy.”

Ryuji Sakamoto: Skull 

”Despite his short temper, he is a courageous young man with a good heart who will do anything for his allies and those who have suffered abuse.

Boasting high attack and defense, Skull can rush headfirst into battle. Charge up your attacks to increase their damage and range. Skull’s shotgun can also be charged to increase its damage output.”

All but two of the Persona 5 Strikers characters are unlocked by default. Check out below how to unlock the final two.

Sophia: SOPHIE

”A mysterious girl that the thieves meet in the Shibuya Metaverse. She seems to have lost her memories, and the only thing she can recall is her directive to “become humanity’s companion.”
Sophie uses a yo-yo to quickly attack a large number of enemies. She uses a blaster for her Gun attacks.”

You can unlock SOPHIE in the game’s main history, more specifically in the Shibuya Jail.

Zenkichi Hasegawa: Wolf 

”An investigator in Tokyo’s Public Security branch who was dispatched from the Kyoto Police Dept. To get to the bottom of the Change of Heart incidents in Japan, he seeks out the Phantom Thieves and offers to make a “deal” with them. Though he may appear easygoing on the outside, Zenkichi is a ruthless investigator who will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals.”

Wolf, a certified bad-ass, can be unlocked in the Kyoto Jail, which will be featured as part of the main history and close to its end-game.

Why isn’t Futaba on the list? 

Futaba (Oracle) is only a support character in Persona 5 Strikers, and cannot be actively bought to face the hordes. But do not fare, as the navigator, she is always assisting from the sidelines.

Release Date and Platforms

Persona 5 Strikers is available now on PS4/PS5, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch.


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Launch Trailer

Check out the latest trailer below.

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