Deep Rock Galactic: How Ebonuts look and how to collect them

Ebonuts are one of the possible secondary objectives in Deep Rock Galactic, meaning you can gather them for some extra cash, here’s how.

How to open up and collect Ebonuts in Deep Rock Galactic

Ebonuts in Deep Rock Galactic are a possible collection secondary objective for missions, which will involve finding and cracking open a shell to collect the Ebonut inside. Luckily enough, doing so is a simple process, just take your pickaxe to it for two hits and they’ll crack open completely.

After that, you just need to hit E to interact with the item inside and you’ll grab it.

Ebonut items in DRG
Credit: TheClick.GG, Coffee Stain Publishing

Do be aware that you will not make progress on the secondary objective immediately just for picking up an Ebonut though. Like Morkite and other mineral objectives, you’ll need to drop them off into Molly the Mule for any progress to be registered, so make sure to drop off your plant collectables before you leave for the drop pod if you want that bonus paycheck.

cracking open an ebonut in deep rock galactic
Credit: TheClick.GG, Coffee Stain Publishing

Once dropped into the mule though, the counter will update accordingly. Quite often you’ll need somewhere between 10 and 20 of these per mission, which is usually a fairly easy objective due to the large size of the shells.

They can be found on the floor, near the bottom of walls, or actually on the walls themselves. In some rare cases, even the ceilings of a room may have an Ebonut shell on them, though missions will typically spawn enough of these that you don’t need to go seeking out any particularly insane ones.

That might be for the best, as if you’re playing solo you can’t even rely on commanding Bosco to get you Ebonuts, unlike the majority of resources in Deep Rock Galactic.

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