Pokemon Go: Is Sylveon set to make its debut?

Pokemon Go Sylveon Key Art

Players of Pokemon Go are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the sought after Sylveon. There have been mentions in the past, only today they’ve dropped a massive teaser for us all to clap our hands excitedly over.

Who is Slyveon?

Another addition to the Eevee evolutionary family, Sylveon is the long awaited final addition of the 8 Eevee evolution’s, to players of Pokemon Go.

Sylveon is a fairy -type Pokemon, introduced in Generation VI. Sylveon has counters that are powerful towards dragon-type Pokemon, and has one of the best in-game abilities, Pixilate.

Pokemon Go Sylveon Key Art

What do we know?

The new loading screen has been found and is ready to drop on Tuesday, 16 March, 2021, to all players of the mobile game. And as we can clearly see from the image, it is full of hints, from Pancham, Aromtisse and Xerneas.

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However, when you look more closely, set within the left hand side of the waterfall, is a perfect silohette of Sylveon.

There is no information yet as to when these Pokemon will appear in game, but we know they will be soon, and we really cant wait! Watch this space!

As always, happy playing, stay safe and always observe local restrictions.

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