Pokemon Go: April Fools Tricky Pokemon 2021

Pokemon Go April Fools

Pokemon Go is holding an April fools event themed around tricky Pokemon – Ditto will be making an appearance for example – perhaps several if you’re lucky enough to keep finding them.

On top of that, a small number of Pokemon will be appearing in the wild for the duration of the event and a number of other effects will be active.

When is the event?

I expect many of have guessed this one, but just to make sure we’re all on the same page the event will take place on the first of April.

This is a rare case where the event is actually timed for the entire duration of the day in Local time – usually events have an 8AM start or something to that effect, but this event runs for exactly 1 minute shy of 24 hours, and its the entirety of April 1st you’ll catch in on.

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What can we expect?

Oh boy, where do we start. The event features quite a lot of simple changes across many aspects of the game, so there’s probably something for everyone.

April fools Tricky Pokemon Spawns

The event will add a few Pokemon to the local encounters list to everyone, specifically you can expect to see the following just about anywhere during the event;

  • Aipom – shiny available
  • Croagunk – shiny available
  • Purrloin

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Additionally, you might notice a lot of Pokemon that seem somewhat familiar to you, as if at least some of them are always present…

And that’s because Ditto has an enhanced appearance rate during the event, but that also means that Ditto has to have things to be disguised as. A list of current potential Ditto disguises is available below.

Ditto alongside shiny ditto
Ditto and shiny ditto, Credit: The Pokemon Company

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But if that sounds boring for a “tricky” event for you, don’t worry – Ditto is scheduled to learn some new tricks during the event as well, so not every Pokemon you see may be as you expect.

As a general rule, remember that Ditto cannot typically disguise as anything that already has its Shiny variant available in typical gameplay circumstances, so you can avoid worrying about suffering that heartbreak at least.


Team Rocket

Well, Team GO Rocket will be appearing more often during the event – both for balloons and Pokestops. This will be an excellent chance to get some progress on the rocket radar and leaders you’ll need for the upcoming shadow Zapdos.

Speaking of Team Rocket, there will be timed research available during the event – completion will net you a Super Rocket Radar – this might mean getting two total next month, and Giovanni encounters are very rare usually.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Promo Key Art
Team Rocket Leaders in Pokemon Go, Credit: Niantic, Inc.

That extra radar will mean getting to fight either Shadow Zapdos or the upcoming Shadow Moltres twice, so if you’d like to try to get one with high stats, reserve the radar for your personal preference between those two legendary birds.

And if you thought that was all Team Rocket has in store, think again! You can expect to see Shadow Aipom being employed by Rocket Grunts during the event.

if you’re a fan of Aipom but find Aipom a bit weak normally, this is a great chance to try one with more respectable damage output due to the Shadow damage bonus.

Go Battle League

This is a relatively small change, but it should shake up some meta’s in an interesting way sheerly due to switching shenanigans. Those of you who partake in the Battle League can expect Switch timers to be halved during the event.

This means more frequent Pokemon swapping, so keep an eye out for those super-effective swap-ins or you might lose a Pokemon before you get a chance to respond.

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And to end on a shorter note, what kind of mischief themed event would it be without the random Pokemon photobombs in camera and snapshot modes?

Make sure to give it a few tries if you’re a photobomb fanatic, you might get some surprises.

That’s about everything to know about the upcoming April fools event about Tricky Pokemon.

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