Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo figures & their rewards explained

Monster Hunter Rise is right around the corner and we’re here to talk about Amiibo figures. There are three you can get and each of them offers an exciting exclusive in-game cosmetic.

Amiibos are a strange physical component to Nintendo games that shouldn’t really be as popular as they are.

In the wake of Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions, Amiibo figures have survived the disinterest in physical collectors items for in-game content and remain a popular marketing tool, collectable, and in-game system for the Nintendo Switch.

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With the release of Monster Hunter Rise, three more Amiibo figures are coming out and you can get an exclusive in-game item with them. Here’s what we know.

Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo

At the moment, there are three Amiibo figures available for Monster Hunter Rise at launch.

These are:

  • Magnamalo Amiibo
    • Available with the Physical Collector’s Edition
  • Palamute Amiibo
  • Palico Amiibo
Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo
Credit: Nintendo

Although there is no word as to whether these will work on other Amiibo-enabled titles, we’re sure that they will make an appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate eventually.

How To Use An Amiibo

Like with any Amiibo figure, the Monster Hunter Amiibo figures can be used by touching the base of the Amiibo to your right Joy-Con controller.

There is an NFC reader on the bottom of the Amiibo figure that you’ll need to touch the joystick with to make sure it recognises the Amiibo figure you’re wanting to use.

Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo
Credit: Nintendo

This will then active the Amiibo figure in-game in the same way it would for… Super Smash Bros Ultimate, for example.

How To Claim The Exclusive Armour

When you use an Amiibo with your Nintendo Switch console, you should automatically unlock the exclsuive Special Layered Armor.

As you might imagine, the Palamute and Palico Amiibo figures unlock the Special Layered Armor for the Palamute and Palico in-game and the Magnamalo Amiibo unlocks this for your in-game character.

Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo
Credit: Nintendo

We haven’t tried this just yet, but we’re pretty sure it will be simple enough to figure out. Palico and Palamute should be wearing the armour when the game is started with one of the relevant Amiibo figures active.

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For more, we’re going to have to wait until Monster Hunter Rise releases on March 26th. Keep an eye on the relevant social media accounts for the latest information from Capcom and the Monster Hunter team.