Marvel’s Avengers Gets A New Map In Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect is adding The Wastelands to the game; this is a brand new map that will feature in Marvel’s Avengers.

In an alternate future timeline, the Earth has been ravaged by a Kree invasion and Hawkeye has sought out the ultimate Hulk, Maestro, for answers.

It’s all fun and games which without-a-doubt improves the narrative scope of Marvel’s Avengers, but what about the new map itself?

Below is everything we know about the new map Crystal Dynamics is bringing to Avengers with Future Imperfect.

LATEST – The Wastelands Are A New Region

According to the recent War Table Presentation, we now know that The Wastelands are actually a completely seperate region on the in-game War Table.

You can check out the full run-down on what’s coming to Avengers in Future Imperfect here:

The Wastelands Are A Wasteland

It goes without saying, but it’s safe to say that the new Avengers map is a bit of a wasteland.

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However, this is exactly the shake-up the current locations need. It’s based on the Eye for an Eye arc in the Old Man Hawkeye comics and fits perfectly into the storyline Crystal Dynamics are weaving with Clint Barton and A.I.M.

Avengers New Map The Wastelands Dystopia Hawkeye
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

” In our timeline, the Kree, a hostile alien civilization attacks Earth for reasons unknown. A global battle ensues, causing irreparable destruction and killing most life on the planet.”

The devastation of the Kree Invasion was so dramatic that it caused tectonic plates to shift and near-lethal pollution of the atmosphere.

In an official blog post, Tore and Oscar from Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes Software share an exciting insight into how they created this new biome for Avengers.

In it, they discuss the impact made by the Kree Invasion and the Kree Sentries as well as how they attempted to create a truly unique location for Avengers players to explore.

” It should be disorienting since tectonic plates have moved around, new canyons have been created, nuclear bombs have gone off. That is why the Wastelands is its own region on the War Table – it is in an undefined place.”

Avengers New Map The Wastelands
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

” We originally planned for the look to be more sandy and grey, but after playing it extensively, we settled for a more colourful orange look that has more punch than the muted look in the early concept art.”

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Although they are only first-look images, it seems as if Crystal Dynamics have certainly achieved their goal.

Could This Be Dystopia?

Although it is officially named The Wastelands, the inclusion of Maestro would suggest that the ruined city we’ll be running around in could be Dystopia.

Dystopia is the name for what remains of New York City in Earth-9200, Maestro’s home universe. Although we haven’t got any word on whether there will be anyone alive in The Wastelands, this could well be an alternate future reality New York City we’ll be running around in.

Crystal Dynamics have confirmed there will be numerous locations considered a Point of Interest in the new map, but will any of these be related to NYC?

We’re hoping for a half-buried Statue of Liberty for… Crossover reasons.

Crystal Dynamics have perfectly fostered a post-apocalyptic Wasteland that promises to bring something a little new to Marvel’s Avengers in Future Imperfect.

The question is… How will it look when it is finally released? How will it feel? Only time will tell.

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