Is GTA 6 Going To Be Set In London?

GTA 6 London Logo

Rockstar Games are keeping mum about a lot of information, but is GTA 6 going to be set in London? There were rumblings about the setting and here’s everything we know.

News about Grand Theft Auto 6 is sparse at the best of times, but every now and then the internet gets together to ponder on where the next Rockstar Games’ title will be set and what it’ll be about.

So, we’re asking the question about whether it will be in London and whether this would even work?

GTA 6 in London

It is a stretch, but GTA 6 set in London could work. Little over a year ago now, YouTuber DRILLR TV released a GTA 6: London concept that has only confirmed everyone’s suspicions.

There are, however, a few things that would lead us to lean towards the side of the argument against such a thing.

Firstly, the gun laws in the U.K. are pretty strict and would not allow for the fast-and-loose gunplay Grand Theft Auto titles are known for.

GTA Online Heist Key Art
Credit: Rockstar Games

That being said, it would make having a gun in GTA 6 a much bigger deal if it was set in London.

In addition to this though, there aren’t enough rumours that really support London as the setting for Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Aa return to Vice City is being talked about a lot amongst leakers and there are a lot of rumours that suggest the next GTA game will be split between Vice City and a fictional Rio de Janeiro. Sadly, there’s just not a lot of mention of London.

A British Grand Theft Auto History

Although it seems unlikely, Grand Theft Auto does have a bit of a history with England’s capital city.

In 1999, back when Grand Theft Auto was a top-down crime thriller, Rockstar Games released two expansions for the original GTA title both set in London.

GTA 6 London Top Down
Credit: Rockstar Games

On top of all this, The Getaway is one title a lot of people want to see a remake of. As a Grand Theft Auto clone, could Rockstar capitalise on this market by making a London-based game?

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We’ve seen a few concepts about what a modern-day GTA 6 set in London could look like, but is that enough to sway you?

Watch Dogs: Legion has proven that London is a pretty decent open-world game setting, to be fair…