Genshin Impact: Arapratap’s wooden box, but not the big kind Aranara Puzzle

arapratap searches for a wooden box, but not the big kind in genshin impact puzzle

Like other Aranara in Genshin Impact, Arapratap has a ‘puzzle’ for you, determining the number of the wooden box nearby in total, ‘but not the big kind’.

While that may sound pretty simple, depending on how you walk up to the puzzle, it is entirely possible you can hit the wrong answer the first time, as some angles do obscure one of the boxes from view.

Regardless it remains a pretty easy puzzle, but if you want to know the answer without checking or guessing for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Arapratap is thinking of a wooden box, ‘but not the big kind’

This puzzle simply requires counting the number of small wooden boxes within the time limit before you need to answer. With your options being simply one, two, or three, even blindly guessing has a pretty good chance of getting this puzzle right on the first try.

If you don’t want to count for yourself, answer two to complete Arapratap’s wooden box puzzle correctly for a common chest reward. If you do count for yourself and are wondering how the hell you got it wrong, make sure that you are counting the small boxes, following the puzzle Aranara’s advice of ‘but not the big kind!’

Credit: TheClick.GG, Hoyoverse

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It’s not particularly difficult to see this number at a glance the number of boxes here, but if you weren’t paying attention you might well count the number of large boxes instead due to how the question highlights the ‘big’ but doesn’t highlight the ‘small’ part at all. It’s also pretty easy to miss one of the small wooden boxes as it blends in with the larger ones from certain angles.

Where is the Arapratap wooden box puzzle?

Arapratap can be found for this puzzle in the Avidya forest region along the cliffside. He’s located near Gandha hill, pretty much directly between two bodies of water and northwest of the Chasm on Liyues border.

It’ll be a bit of a walk from the nearest teleport waypoint to the south to get here, but it doesn’t take particularly long. You can see the precise location of Arapratap and his puzzle using the map provided here.

Credit: TheClick.GG, Hoyoverse

This is a fairly remote region that there isn’t much reason to travel to in Sumeru normally, so make sure to crack out your Dendro treasure compass and make sure you aren’t missing any nearby chests while you’re here.

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