Fortnite: Season 5 Collaboration Skins Ranked

Fortnite Collaborations Ranked Season 5 Kratos Master Chief

Fortnite Season 5 saw a lot of collaborations to bring a wide variety of new characters, locations and cosmetics. These cosmetics, characters and locations all come from several video game, television or movie franchises and below we’ve ranked them for you in our Fortnite Collaboration Skins Ranked list.

Fortnite Season 5 Collaboration Skins Ranked

7. Predator

Predator was one of the earliest collaborations we got in Season 5 with it being heavily included in the season. The Predator skin was released with challenges for Battle Pass holders as the secret skin.

These challenges tasked you with finding the Predator, as well as his apartment in another location, and defeat him to unlock this skin.

Also included in these challenges were an emote for Predator, as well as eliminating this boss earned you the Cloaking Device making you invisible from enemies sights temporarily.

Fortnite Skins Ranked Predator Jungle Hunter Quests Rewards Key Art
Credit: Epic Games

Personally, I think a lot of work went into this skin and I think that the Fortnite team did an incredible job bringing this hunter to life in every way possible.

6. The Mandalorian

Star Wars’ The Mandalorian was another boss included in Season 5 that was also a skin. However, instead of needing to complete any challenges to unlock the character, players were given this skin for buying the Battle Pass immediately. The Mandalorian skin also came with The Child back bling, with 2 different styles.

The Mandalorian could be found roaming around the desert between the crashed Razor Crest and the Kit’s Cabana POI.

Eliminating The Mandalorian gave players the chance to pick up his Amban Sniper Rifle as well as The Mandalorian’s Jetpack.

A lot of Star Wars skins have entered the world of Fortnite but in my opinion this one was the most sought after and original Star Wars skin added to the game.

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An extra challenge for The Mandalorian was also available to players via Beskar Challenges. As players progressed their Battle Passes they would earn Beskar Challenges to complete to earn their Mandalorian skin extra style options.

Overall, having The Mandalorian fresh off its second season was definitely a shock to see so soon, especially to be included in the Battle Pass and not just an Item Shop outfit.

5. Tron

Fortnite Skins Ranked Tron Bundle
Credit: Epic Games

Tron: Legacy was a simple Fortnite collaboration with nothing outside of cosmetics, but included an entire set of skins as well as a couple of other cosmetics.

These skins were entirely original in style, but with a simple glance could easily be linked to the Tron franchise. The entire set had a very sleek, futuristic look and feel to them making them fit very well into the digital world that is Tron.

4. God of War

Fortnite Skins Ranked Kratos God of War
Credit: Epic Games

This collaboration was another shock to the community, simply because the idea of playing Kratos in any form on a system other than PlayStation isn’t something easily anticipated.

The God of War franchise calls PlayStation home so when this skin was released early in Season 5, many Xbox, PC and mobile players that are fans of the franchise jumped on the opportunity to have this particular hunter in their arsenal.

The God of War bundle, part of the Gaming Legends Series, featuring Kratos also includes a harvesting tool with a built-in emote, as well as a glider. Players that use the Kratos skin on the newly released PlayStation 5, will earn an extra style option for the God of War protagonist.

3.The Flash

Fortnite Skins Ranked The Flash CW DC Comics

DC Comics’ The Flash skin, based on The CW show of the same name, wasn’t considered a hunter in Season 5 but was still released during what I’m calling the “Season of Collabs.”

I found The Flash skin to be very true to it’s origins as the outfit appears to be a mirror image of the hero from the TV show.

Featuring the characters signature red suit, as well as Speed Force cosmetics including dual pickaxes as well as a back bling and a comedic emote called Quick Bite.

This bundle also included The Flash loading screen showing the speedster charging through what appears to be his home of Central City.

Personally, I think the detail and the overall bundle of this skin puts it at the well-deserved rank of 3 on our Fortnite Season 5 Collaboration Skins Ranked list.

2. Ant-Man

The Ant-Man skin, well deserving of number 2 on our Fortnite Season 5 Collaborations Skins Ranked list, was highly anticipated since the character was given his own POI.

Fortnite Skins Ranked Ant Man Ant-Man Marvel
Credit: Epic Games

In the Marvel season that saw many characters getting their own locations of the map to some extent or another, Ant-Man and Black Panther were 2 characters that players had high hopes for but took longer than that particular season to premier in the game.

Both Black Panther and Ant-Man were highly expected to be released during the Marvel season of Chapter 2, Season 3 but instead both were released during the 4th season.

Ant-Man was released independently, for V-Bucks, in the Item Shop while Black Panther was a part of the Marvel Royalty & Warriors Bundle for a real money purchase.

The Ant-Man bundle included the Ant-Man outfit as well the Ant-Tonio back bling and Toothpick harvesting tool.

Although, I never acquired the skin myself even with my interest in it simply because I’m waiting for something special to hit the store, I think Epic Games waited until they had everything perfect with the bundle before finally releasing it.

1. Halo

Fortnite Skins Ranked Master Chief Halo
Credit: Epic Games

Finally, for our number one slot on list goes to one of the earliest collaborations of Season 5, The Master Chief!

Personally, I absolutely love the Halo series but trying not to be biased I still believe the Master Chief set has earned the number one ranked placement.

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This bundle included not only Master Chief himself in his signature army green with a slightly battle torn look but also players that used the outfit on the newest Xbox consoles earned the skin an alternate black matte style.

What truly earned this collaboration the top spot on this list are the cosmetics included with it such as the classic Halo 3 Brute weapon, The Gravity Hammer, as a harvesting tool.

Also included in the bundle, helping round out this selection are the Covenant back bling, Battle Legend, and most importantly, the traversal Lil’ Warthog emote that displays Master Chief driving a miniaturized version of the UNSC Warthog vehicle from throughout the Halo series.

Honestly, I wish we could get Master Chief’s voice lines as part of another emote but that’s a little out of Fortnite’s usual emote pool so I didn’t really expect it so the Lil’ Warthog emote is the perfect placeholder.

Overall, I believe Master Chief deserves the top spot due to this incredibly well rounded bundle showing off every aspect of the Halo franchise from the vehicles to the protagonist to the weapons and the enemies it’s all there.

So there you have it, our Fortnite Season 5 Collaboration Skins Ranked list! Hopefully this only opened the door for future collaborations to come with only cooler and even more unlikely crossover with all types of genres.

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