FFXIV Digital Fanfest: What to Look For

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While not AS bombastic as the equivalent Fan Festival leading up to Shadowbringers, the FFXIV Digital Fanfest this weekend looks to be an online alternative to bring as much of the experience to all viewers for free! Seeing as it is a two day event, many may wish to know what to expect from the event and what the likely highlights will be. Well, looking at past Fanfests, I think I can help you out.

Credit: Quare Enix

The Schedule

While the schedule for the event with (very) small summaries has been posted by Square Enix, this more bite sized summary will let you know what’s going on without scanning the entire webpage.

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Day 1 will feature a Keynote Address to open the event, and will later contain a development panel for the game, an event that seems to be about mostly worldbuilding, multiple interviews with the head of the project: Yoshi-P himself, and finally a piano performance.

Day 2 of the event will contain the next Live Letter from the Producer and Q&A alongside four more miscellaneous events like a cosplay contest, trivia, a band performance, and interviews with the voice actors.

What to Look For

The FFXIV Digital Fanfest may be under a different format this time due to COVID-19, but we can make a few educated guesses about relevant stuff as the schedule for this event, almost beat for beat, is the same as the schedule for the Fanfest in 2019 following the announcement of Shadowbringers.

As such, a few things stand out. One, we will almost certainly get to see the new DPS job that was teased at the Endwalker announcement. Two, since Stormblood, the team has provided a video of Job Actions for the playable classes to both show off new jobs’ general playstyle and how old classes have been expanded upon. For me personally, this is the most exciting part.

Credit: Square Enix

Last time, we got a TON of info on classes and such because numerous FFXIV influencers were invited to play Shadowbringers early, though I doubt the same amount of information will be dumped on us this time by community leaders due to the digital format.

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Even so, with the event being online, one huge upside is that we can all tune in to the event, especially the normally exclusive events like The Primals concert, among other things. I’m incredibly hyped for the event, and will be sure to pump out info that comes from it!

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