Vanguard: Best Double Barrel Shotgun loadout & class build

Best Double Barrel Loadout

Sledgehammer Games‘ new Call of Duty game is out and it’s bringing a classic Call of Duty weapon to the party – the Double Barrel Shotgun. We all know how this one works, but Vanguard is offering ten attachments this time around. That means there’s going to be some wiggle room with how you can customise it. Here is everything you need to know about this iteration of the Double Barrel Shotgun and the best loadout on offer at the moment.

Vanguard’s Double Barrel Shotgun – Shotgun

Much like any other Double Barrel Shotgun, the Double Barrel Shotgun in Vanguard hits hard but has damning limitations. Firstly, it’s a Shotgun. This means it’s got limited range capabilities and it is only really suitable at close ranges. Secondly, it is a Double Barrelled weapon. This means you’re going to be reloading often and that will severely limit your ability to dish out killing blows.

So, where does it stack up to the other Shotguns? Well… It will do a job. If you land both shots, you will kill your opponent. However, like with all Shotguns, there is a severe damage fall-off that can only be mitigated so much by attachments and the limited ammo capacity makes this an option you should only choose if you’re hitting your shots.

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With all that in mind, though, there are some attachments that can open up the Double Barrel Shotgun to those of you looking for a devastating loadout for close-quarters combat. Here’s what you need to know…

Best Double Barrel Shotgun loadout and class build

Firstly, what should you be throwing into your Double Barrel Shotgun build…

  • Muzzle – M97 Full Choke
  • Barrel – Sawed-Off
  • Optic – N/A
  • Stock – Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel – N/A
  • Magazine – Double Aught
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip
  • Ammo Type – Incendiary
  • Proficiency – Akimbo
  • Kit – Quick
Best Double Barrel Loadout
Credit: Sledgehammer Games

Now that this is sorted out, what else are you going to need to take into battle with you?

  • Secondary Weapon – Machine Pistol
  • Lethal – Thermite
  • Tactical – Stim
  • Perk One – Fortified
  • Perk Two – Radar
  • Perk Three – Tactician

Call of Duty Vanguard is going to be updated quite a few times over the next few months – with new weapons planned, expect the meta to change quite a bit as we continue through the seasons. The Double Barrel Shotgun might escape unchanged, but it might undergo some drastic changes. With this in mind, we will keep this Double Barrel Shotgun loadout up to date with the latest alterations – It’s always going to be the best choice.

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