Valheim on Xbox: Is Viking Survival Coming to Consoles?

Valheim on Xbox

The newest game taking Steam users by storm is another addition to their backlogs of survival games. The game, Iron Gate AB’s Valheim, is a Viking-themed survival/crafting experience that is best enjoyed in co-operative play. The game has already accomplished incredible feats like breaking concurrent player records and reaching two million downloads in its first two weeks. But will console gamers ever see Valheim on Xbox?

While PC players enjoy exploring and fighting their way through snow-capped mountains and lush forests, some gamers have been left wondering if Valheim is going to make an appearance on their Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Valheim Game Coming to Xbox
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On Valheim’s website, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, the developers dive right into this question, and unfortunately, it looks like Xbox gamers are out of luck (for now) at getting their hands on the Viking survival-adventure game. The developers detail in their FAQs section that “there are no plans to release on other platforms,” but don’t rule the idea out entirely, saying that they may look into a console release “in the future.”

Valheim on Xbox
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So while survival-hungry Xbox players may need to hold out before they can jump into the epic world of Valheim, it sounds like the game’s developers are at least keeping an eye on demand. It wouldn’t be the first time a well-received PC survival adventure game made it to Xbox. In the past, games like Beam Team’s shark-infested Stranded Deep, and Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s terrifying deep-sea game Subnautica have both found their way onto Microsoft’s platform.

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But, for now, Xbox players can will have to settle for living out their Viking fantasies in other games, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which is expected to have a pretty exciting update February 16.

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