Top 5 Most Difficult Raids in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Raids Key Art

Destiny 2 features challenging raids that demand coordination, teamwork, and skill. The introduction presents the top five most difficult raids in the game, characterized by formidable bosses and intricate puzzles.

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The raids offer an exciting and demanding experience, with rewarding outcomes. Players can look forward to testing their abilities and embarking on unforgettable raiding adventures that will push their limits.

Top 5 Most Difficult Raids in Destiny 2

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Riven Of A Thousand Voices

Riven of a Thousand Voices, the final boss in Destiny 2‘s Forsaken expansion, poses a significant challenge. Raised by Queen Mara Sov and corrupted by Oryx, Riven traps the Dreaming City.

To defeat Riven, players must split into two groups, target her weak points, cleanse symbols, and navigate a timed jumping puzzle in the Ascendant Realm. They return to the Ogre Room for a decisive strike on Riven’s mouth to secure victory, after facing ogres, hobgoblins, and shooting cysts to damage her. You can seek out Destiny 2 raid carry services, and professional players to help take care of difficulty modes.

The Sanctified Mind

The final boss encounter in the Garden of Salvation raid is a hectic and intense experience. Two players are tasked with collecting motes on an island by venturing through a portal, while the rest of the fire team clears enemies and restores disappearing sections of the map.

Once the motes are collected, they must be deposited into pillars located on each side of the arena. This action triggers the Sanctified Mind to generate a bomb, either white or yellow, which the Guardians must destroy by linking up. Disorienting the boss during this phase opens up an opportunity for the fire team to deal damage. Do you know that boosting service is one of the easiest ways to level up?

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Oryx, The Taken King

In the challenging King’s Fall raid, players face Oryx, the main antagonist. They collect motes of light, defeat cursed ogres for Taken blights, and break the shield of a special Knight to trigger Oryx’s wipe mechanic.

Attacking Oryx’s weak spot deals damage, and blights can be used for extra damage. The Shade of Oryx’s encounter in a bubble without health regeneration adds to the difficulty. The raid returned in The Witch Queen expansion with minor adjustments, including a runner, Corrupted Light orbs, and a more challenging Shade of Oryx encounter.

Taniks, The Abomination

Taniks, a familiar foe, returns as the final boss in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Players must target and shoot their thrusters, causing them to release nuclear cores that need to be deposited into “washing machines” in different sections.

Taniks launch attacks to hinder players, and carrying the core reduces movement speed. Successful deposits trigger specific players to eliminate them. During the DPS phase, players must stand between lethal rings to damage Taniks, and in his final stand, he teleports and requires powerful bursts of damage to defeat.

Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness

Rhulk, the final boss in Destiny 2‘s Vow of the Disciple raid, is a formidable enemy. Players must deposit energy into glyph-aligned pillars to lower their shield. Throughout the battle, Rhulk summons darkness crystals, and additional enemies, and launches fire blasts.

By following glyph steps, players make him vulnerable, being cautious of his melee attacks. Defeating Rhulk requires hitting weak spots until his health is depleted, preventing a wipe if his health reaches zero.

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Destiny 2 raids are renowned for their demanding nature, requiring a high level of coordination, teamwork, and skill to overcome. The most difficult raids, such as encounters with Riven of a Thousand Voices, The Sanctified Mind, Oryx, Taniks, and Rhulk, present players with exhilarating experiences featuring formidable bosses and intricate mechanics to master.

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