FNF Kickstarter Completed: $2,000,000+ Raised!

Friday Night Funkin The Full Ass Game

Last Updated on: 21st May 2021, 07:19 pm

Well, the full month of Kickstarter funding finally ended for the Friday Night Funkin Full Ass Game, so how did it do in the end? With the FNF Kickstarter completed on May 19th, the Funkin Crew had amassed $2,247,641 in pledges from over 58,000 people to fund the making of a full Friday Night Funkin Game!

My last Kickstarter update for The Friday Night Funkin game came in around two weeks ago, and at that point some of the realizable donation goals had still yet to be met. While the fabled Playstation 1 port may not have been achieved, all main stretch goals for the game were reached, concluding with not only a harder difficulty mode, but also a ten week epilogue as well.

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When the project set out with a modest goal of $60,000 and 20 new in game weeks of content, it finished with not only the base game but: a mobile build, character creator, network sharing, animated cutscenes, online multiplayer, added characters, a new difficulty mode, and ANOTHER 25 additional weeks. That is such a crazy amount of extra content, and it seems fans of the browser game agreed enough to fund all these stretch goals.

FNF Kickstarter goals
Credit: Funkin Crew
(Even busier it seems)

While we don’t have an exact release date to look forward to for the Full Ass Game, many Kickstarter reward tiers involving the game are listed as April 2022. Seems Spring-Summer 2022 is the window to look for, assuming the game isn’t delayed too much.

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For the few unaware, Friday Night Funkin is a hit rhythm game which took over the internet due to its charming visuals, banger songs, and flourishing modding community. It has tons of references to animators and Newgrounds culture, and its entirely free to check out and play. I’d highly recommend giving it a shot.

Credit: Newgrounds

Anyway, with the FNF Kickstarter completed, seems all we can do is anxiously await teasers and the game’s release!