Fantasian: Meet all the Main Characters


Fantasian, Mistwalker Corporation‘s new Apple-exclusive Diorama Adventure RPG, became one of the industry’s most promising upcoming titles, thanks to its beautifully crafted world, its diverse and charismatic group of main characters, and its lore.

The title promises to blend 3D graphics with more than 150 hand-crafted involvements and to present players with new and exciting features never seen before in the genre.

Meet the main characters of Fantasian below, according to its developer’s official site.

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Credit: Mistwalker Corporation

The game’s protagonist. After waking up in a strange world dominated by machines, and without his memories, Leo sets out on a journey to reclaim them.

Prickle & Clicker

Credit: Mistwalker Corporation

A robotic duo that Leo encounters through the game. They are granted newfound intelligence and emotions after being modified by Leo.


Credit: Mistwalker Corporation

A cheerful and eccentric orphan from the Frontier Town of En, who seems to know Leo. She joins him on his quest as she also tries to seek her own identity. 


Credit: Mistwalker Corporation

A princess and heiress of the Queendom of Vibra. Capable of summoning spirits in battle, she joins Leo in his quest after discovering that he forgot all about their previous encounter. 


Credit: Mistwalker Corporation

The captain of the famous and luxurious cruizer, The Uzra, considered the pride of the Queendom of Vibra. Zinikr traveled together with Leo’s father, seeing a lot of him in his son. 


Credit: Mistwalker Corporation

An orphan that lives in the Outskirts of the Queendom of Vibra with his father-figure Dagaroon. Ez is a young and genius inventor, who excels in both crafting and creating. 


Credit: Mistwalker Corporation

A former spy for the Falcion Empire, currently pursued by the Crimson Bandits. Tan is capable of controlling spirit beasts and presumably joins Leo while on his own quest for revenge. 


Credit: Mistwalker Corporation

A scientist, and a researcher. Valrika comes from a distant world, now consumed by chaos. A lone researcher, she has strong ideologies about the world. 

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A few illustrations featuring the characters and what it looks like to be the game’s main antagonist were revealed in a Youtube video, released by Mistwalker Corporation on their official channel. You can check them out below:

Fantasian is being written by Hironobu Sakaguchi, while its soundtrack is signed by another legend of the industry, Nobuo Uematsu, both of which are house know names for fans of the Final Fantasy franchise and JRPG”s in general.

You can check out the game’s official story trailer below, which presented players with the first glimpse of its characters, world, and features:

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Fantasian will be released somewhere in 2021, exclusively for Apple devices, via Apple Arcade. So, what are your expectations of Sakaguchi, and Uematsu’s newest title? And, what did you think of its main cast?

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