Faith: Chapter III receives a brand new trailer

Faith is one of those series that if you described it to me, I’d be confused as to whether or not it would work as a horror game. Pixel art and horror aren’t two things you’d usually cross together but somehow, Airdorf was able to make the two mesh well into a single horrific package. Faith and Faith: Chapter II are two of the spookiest indie games I’ve ever played and I’d highly recommend them.

Since then, Airdorf has been hard at work on Faith: Chapter III, only releasing a trailer and a demo that is coupled with Faith: The Unholy Trinity, a compilation of all three games which will presumably launch when Faith: Chapter III is finally released. It’s been anticipated ever since the demo gave people the first taste of what to expect in this presumed final chapter, as Airdorf has kept details about Chapter III fairly limited and has only occasionally teased details here and there.

Rotoscoped Mortis, coming soon

On September 21st, on what has been cheekily deemed “Faith Day,” Airdorf released a new trailer on Twitter, much to everyone’s excitement. The trailer itself is standard fare for the series but it includes all-new gameplay and scenes from the upcoming Chapter III. The protagonist, John Ward, returns for a romp through creepy apartments that are filled with demons, cultists, and all sorts of spooky imagery.

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The trailer itself is probably the creepiest one yet, as it not just gives us brand new rotoscoped imagery but also some unnerving audio to accompany it. Faith: Chapter III is shaping up to be the biggest and best out of the entire Faith trilogy; if the demo is anything to go by, it definitely will be expansive and much more involved than before. The demo itself is short and sweet but features some spooky puzzles and some creative scares for you to enjoy.

Faith Chapter III gameplay screenshot
Credit: Airdorf

With this trailer being listed as the “final preview,” it definitely seems like Airdorf is getting closer to releasing the full game. The intensity of the new trailer definitely tells us that Faith: Chapter III is not going to let up on the spooky gas and that Airdorf is most definitely gonna go all-in on the body and eldritch horror this time around. The laughing animation at the end of the trailer is both stunning and absolutely disturbing and I’m all here for it.

Unfortunately, there’s still no definitive release date for Chapter III as of right now, so our wait will just continue as our longing deepens. But we can assume that Airdorf is hard at work on the game and that it will be fantastic whenever it finally releases. At the end of the trailer, there are some thanks given to everyone that has been waiting, so Airdorf definitely is aware of the amount of time it’s taken to work on this next installment in the Faith series.

Really, I just hope we can get a Faith fighting game sometime after Chapter III has been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Make it happen, Airdorf. Please.

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