2023 LCS Spring Split day six recap

The LCS stage during the 2023 LCS Spring Split day six

Last Updated on: 14th February 2023, 03:45 pm

The 2023 LCS Spring Split day six arrived with plenty of intrigue for fans and pundits alike. The first game of the day was the undefeated FlyQuest with their star bottom laner Prince taking on 100 Thieves that has the player that inspired him when he first started as a player in Doublelift. Will 100 Thieves show up and show out, or will FlyQuest stay undefeated?

Elsewhere in the league, there were a couple more matchups with teams in slumps coming into the day going head-to-head. After the FlyQuest and 100 Thieves game, TSM and Counter Logic Gaming went head to head, followed by Dignitas and Team Liquid Honda scheduled to battle.

Who will come out of their slump first? Will they look good coming out of their slump, or will they just barely squeak by? There’s only one way to find out, it’s time to read on.

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2023 LCS Spring Split day six results:

  • FlyQuest > 100 Thieves
  • Counter Logic Gaming < TSM
  • Evil Geniuses > Cloud9
  • Dignitas < Team Liquid Honda
  • Golden Guardians > Immortals Progressive

Prince is the king of the rift

FlyQuest prince on-stage during the 2023 LCS Spring Split day six
(Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Coming into the 2023 LCS Spring Split day six, everyone seemed to agree that Prince, the ad carry on FlyQuest, was the best in the league in his position, but close behind him, and a personal icon for Prince was Doublelift. Today, they finally went head to head, and Prince really showed up.

The former LCK rookie of the split showed up today in style. Despite a stellar performance from the 100 Thieves top laner Tenacity, Prince was in top form today, with one the highlights from today being him solo flanking the entire 100 Thieves team while they retreated from a team fight. He finished the game with eleven kills and only one death, while his lane opponent Doublelift finished with zero kills himself.

Outside of this game, Prince has been the king of the rift. Teams have not been able to keep him contained for an entire game at all. From time to time, he hasn’t had the best landing phase because of teams focusing on him, but he has shown up later in games, playing team fights well and proving that he is the best in the league.

If he continues at this pace, he is going to be both the rookie of the split and the Most Valuable Player of the split, along with first-team all-pro. He is definitely a special talent, and it’s fun to watch him play in North America.

2023 LCS Spring Split day six standings:

  1. FlyQuest (6-0)
  2. Evil Geniuses (4-2) *tied with Cloud9 and 100 Thieves
  3. Cloud9 (4-2) *tied with Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves
  4. 100 Thieves (4-2) *tied with Evil Geniuses and Cloud9
  5. TSM (3-3) *tied with Team Liquid Honda
  6. Team Liquid Honda (3-3) *tied with TSM
  7. Immortals Progressive (2-4) *tied with Counter Logic Gaming and Golden Guardians
  8. Counter Logic Gaming (2-4) *tied with Immortals Progressive and Golden Guardians
  9. Golden Guardians (2-4) *tied with Immortals Progressive and Counter Logic Gaming
  10. Dignitas (0-6)

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Now that the 2023 LCS Spring Split day six has come to an end, we have reached the halfway point of the LCS Spring Split. Right now, FlyQuset looks like the strongest team in the league by a mile, while the second-strongest team is more of a battle.

Who out of Evil Geniuses, Cloud9, and 100 Thieves will emerge as the second team in the league? There’s only one way to find out, and that is to tune in on lolesports.com as the season progresses.