2023 100 Thieves LCS roster revealed

100 Thieves LCS roster waving on-stage

After going to three LCS finals in a row, the 2023 100 Thieves LCS roster has been revealed. With staff leaving the team alongside players, and rumors of big-name players joining the organization often called the “Hoodie org”, what is their final roster going to look like?

The big question at the start of the offseason was who is going to start in the top lane? Ssumday, the player who has been on 100 Thieves since the beginning, had his contract expire at the end of this season, meaning that there was the possibility of him leaving the team for the first time since he joined in 2017.

The other big conversation point was the possibility of Doublelift and Bjergsen joining the team. Doublelift, who retired at the end of the 2021 season, is widely regarded as one of the best players in LCS history. It just so happens that the other player in the conversation is Bjergsen, his once teammate on TSM. Could these two legends actually join 100 Thieves, or is it just off-season rumors at their best?

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2023 100 Thieves LCS roster:

The 2023 100 Thieves LCS roster is as follows:

100 Thieves Closer cheering on-stage
(Credit: Tina Jo/Riot Games)

The 100 Thieves LCS roster:

  • Top lane: Tenacity
  • Jungle: Closer
  • Mid lane: Bjergsen
  • Bottom lane: Doublelift
  • Support: Busio

Seeing Ssumday on a different team is going to be an adjustment, but the new roster on paper looks like it can compete with anyone for a title. The streak of trips to the LCS finals for the team looks safe for sure. There is the veteran presence of Bjergsen, Doublelift, and Closer to lead the young players of Tenacity and Busio throughout the season.

Speaking of the younger players, Busio and Tenacity starting is something that 100 Thieves fans and fans of the NA amateur scene have been waiting for. Both players are seen as top prospects in their roles, and both deserve the shot they are getting in the LCS.

For Tenacity, this has been a long time coming. At the beginning of the 2022 LCS Spring split, the team announced that they would be using a six-man roster, with him as the sixth man, but he never played a game last year. This year with Ssumday leaving it’s finally his chance to make an impact on the LCS stage and show that his potential and hype are the real deal.

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Depending on the roster chemistry and coaching staff to support the team, they could go far. It is also a team that could make amazing content. If they don’t make any content, that’s the miss of a lifetime. If they do end up making any content with the LCS team, you can find the 100 Thieves’ main Twitter here, and their esports Twitter account here. What do you think of this new 100 Thieves LCS roster?