Steam: How to add games to your Steam Store Wishlist

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The steam store has a wishlist option to let players track games they want, or show what would make good gifts. Here’s how you add a game to it.

How to add games to your Steam Store Wishlist

Head to the Steam store to browse games there, or use the search function to get to a store page for a game you want specifically – of course, you’ll probably want to be either logged into Steam in a web browser or have your Steam client on to do this.

When you’ve found a game you’re interested in, the process beyond that is pretty simple. In this case, I’ll use Frostpunk as an example.

Steam store page during the winter sale 2021
Credit: Steam, The Click

Clicking the Frostpunk icon shown on the store page in the image above will take you to the Frostpunk store page specifically, shown below. From here, click the “add to your wishlist” button below where the game media is shown, and then it’ll be added to the wishlist linked to your current profile – just make sure you’re signed in to the right account for this to work right, basically.

Steam store page for Frostpunk, adding to wishlist
Credit: Steam, The Click

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Whether you want to use the Steam Wishlist as a way to track games for yourself or to make a fairly obvious list of “hey, buy me this” for people who simply don’t know what to gift you otherwise, that one button is all you need to get the game added to the list in the Steam Store.

That’s really all there is to it for this one, adding a game to your Steam Store wishlist is a very simple process, so it’s definitely one of the shorter how-to guides. If you’d like more Steam Store help content like this, you can find them in our gaming guides section, and other similar content can also be found in our tech guides and right here on The Click.

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