WWE: Wes Lee’s wife defends Nash Carter following release

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Last Updated on: 23rd April 2022, 12:35 am

One half of the current NXT Tag Team Champions Nash Carter was released by WWE earlier today following allegations of abuse by his wife Kimber Lee.

The wrestling star alleges that her husband got drunk on an unspecified date and hit her so hard he bust her lip open. You can read our previous story on this matter by clicking here.


Now, in a shocking twist, the wife of Wes Lee, Cater’s tag team partner, has come to the defense of the former NXT Tag Team Champion claiming that Carter, real name Zachary Green, served Kimber Lee divorce papers following his win and that she was a “proud wife” prior to this happening.

Kimber Lee Tweet Proud Wife
Credit: Twitter/Kimber Lee

In a flurry of tweets, Queen.E.Marie came to the defense of Nash Carter and to try and disprove the allegations made by Lee.

“Umm…you don’t know me @Kimber_Lee90 ?? But yet we took a dance class together at DGBEK, we were in New Orleans together in the same hotel room for the weekend, we went to Wes and Nash’ first debut match together, I was at your wedding…”

Marie then revealed that the two have been separated for some time and that Carter has been living with Wes Lee and his wife for months prior to the allegations being made.

“Just so everyone is aware, @NashCarterWWE has been living with Wes and I for months ever since she was in the hospital (which she checked herself into). He’s actually been the one trying to avoid her and HER mental abuse. They haven’t been together. He went to 1 therapy session..”

“Y’all… @Kimber_Lee90 got served divorce papers by Nash on Monday. He’s been done with her. She’s mad that this is all happening so she’s turning to Twitter because she’s outraged that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. It really is that simple…”

“And let me not forget to mention that when she got served those papers she was so upset that she ripped up ALL of Nashs’ posters (one of a kind ones with other wrestlers’ signatures, etc). This is a case of an enraged soon-to-be ex-wife who feels she’s entitled to alimony…”

It is unclear what WWE’s reasoning for releasing Carter was, with some alleging that it may have been due to an old photograph of Carter surfacing that allegedly shows him performing the “Nazi salute” while sporting a mustache that bears similarity to Hitler’s.


Although this would not be the first time that a WWE Superstars has gotten in trouble for emulating the Nazi salute, with JBL facing criminal punishment after performing it at a live event in Germany but was able to escape being charged with a crime.

It is worth noting that Carter is an NXT Superstar and WWE may have decided it wasn’t worth the PR backlash if this photo became public knowledge and released him to get ahead of the curve. Or, it could also be due to the allegations, or a combination of both.

As of right now, no police charges have been filed against Carter that we’re aware of, if that changes or there are more developments in this story we will update you with the latest news.

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