WWE: Liv Morgan wants this to be her entrance music

WWE Liv Morgan Backstage

A wrestler’s theme song can help to make or break them, with some iconic entrance songs transcending wrestling and becoming part of pop culture, such as Hulk Hogan’s iconic “Real American” or Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”, whereas no-one remembers “Generic Rock Song #367”.

Speaking to Complex Unsanctioned, WWE Superstar Liv Morgan spoke about her entrance music and how she isn’t satisfied with it and would like it changed to Poppy’s cover of Tatu’s smash-hit “All The Things She Said”,

“I wanted this to be my music a couple of months ago. There’s this song, ‘All the Things She Said,’ that was one of the girls, Victoria’s, music back in the day. It was just a very iconic theme song. So, NXT had Poppy perform for the last couple of years and she remade that song. I wanted her version to be my song. I thought it was dope.”

Tatu’s “All The Things She Said” has once again become a popular song thanks to social media. Originally the song was released in 2002 and went on to become a multi-platinum hit worldwide.

Many fans will remember the song being used by Victoria when she debuted in WWE at Armeggedon 2002, she continued to use the song until May 2004 when it was switched to “Yes, I’ve lost my mind”.

Liv Morgan continued saying,

“Yeah, I’m hoping to I’m hoping to circle around back to it right now. I mean, I kind of just got any music that was not even my idea was like requested for me that I have more of like a poppy — not like Poppy, the singer, but more of a pop, upbeat track, which I’m cool with, you know, but I do favor like the dark, kind of creepy, and I would love to have that Poppy version as my music eventually when my character goes through the many changes that she loves to go through.”

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Check out Poppy’s cover of All The Things She Said below.

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