The Cuphead Show: New trailer and release date

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Many months after its initial announcement, The Cuphead Show, an animation series by Netflix based on the platformer game finally got a new trailer and an official release date. The series will follow the game’s original plot with Cuphead and his brother Mugman trying to outsmart the Devil itself.

The trailer features many of the bosses we fight during the game, such as the frog brothers Ribby and Croaks and the mermaid Cala Maria. A nice detail is the addition of Ms. Chalice, a female cup folk who will be featured in the game’s upcoming DLC.

Smaller teasers are also present on the Netflix official page. The series also received an official site a few days ago, where you can help the cup brothers to acquire souls (and hopefully not lose their own). As the name suggests, it also contains a countdown to the release of the series.

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When is the Cuphead Show release date?

The first season will be fully released on February 18th, exclusively for Netflix. Just as with the original game, it will be packed with some good old cartoon humor and animation style, but hopefully without all of the racist stereotypes.

During the last month, a new trailer on the game’s DLC, announced almost 4 years ago was finally released. “The Delicious Last Course” is set to be available on June 30th, concluding Cuphead’s adventure once and for all.

The DLC (which will take us to the conveniently named D.L.C Isle) will introduce Ms. Chalice as a playable character, which will be available in the full game after she’s unlocked. The new content will be available for all platforms.

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Credit: Studio MDHR

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Cuphead was released in 2017 with an art style inspired by the earlier days of Disney and other cartoons. The game is a challenging experience involving defeating bosses and completing stages. The game is available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Pc, and Mac.