League of Legends Arcane update, trailer, and character reveal

Arcane banner used in League of Legends series piece

As Riot games gear up for the release of their new show before the end of 2021. They have finally given us an update on the League of Legends animated series Arcane.

Riot Games are always secretive when it comes to their new releases, and Arcane has been no exception to this. However, we have finally got a close look at most of the central characters and more.

Here is what we know so far about the animated series.

Arcane feature image used in League of Legends series piece
Credit: Riot Games.

New League of Legends Arcane trailer

Indeed, on the 20th of September the League of Legends animated series, Arcane, graced us with a 14-second teaser. Although it’s not much, it is something.

The purpose of the teaser was to showcase some of the central characters from the neck down and in some cases their updated looks (e.g., Caitlyn).

Caitlyn is already scheduled to be getting a rework in the game in the near future so it is only natural that the show would follow suit.

This also confirms her presence in the show, which was highly anticipated considering the lore between her and already confirmed characters such as Jinx and Vi.

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Speaking of Vi. Polygon confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld, star of the upcoming Hawkeye film, will be voicing the Piltover enforcer.

Alongside her will be Ella Purnell as Jinx (Army of the Dead) and Kevin Alejandro as Jayce (Lucifer).

Arcane character posters

Arcane’s official Twitter account also revealed some character posters, giving us a better look at the character models and exposing the other champions that’ll be making an appearance.

These include known names such as Jayce, an unmasked Viktor, and Caitlyn.

Viktor character poster used in League of Legends Arcane update piece
Credit: Arcane.

Other characters were revealed; however, they are not as well known so it is unclear what role they will be playing in the show yet.

Joining the voice cast for these characters are Katie Leung, Jason Spisak, Toks Olagundoye, JB Blanc, and Harry Lloyd.

Caitlyn character poster used in League of Legends Arcane piece
Credit: Arcane.

League of Legends Arcane should be streaming on Netflix in the coming months, as it was set to release before 2022. But an official date is yet to be confirmed. For now, you can always read more TV news here.

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