Cortana Halo Series – Who’s playing Cortana on TV?

Cortana Halo Series

Paramount Plus has just shared the first trailer for their upcoming Halo TV series and it’s looking pretty great. We know a little bit about what to expect – and we finally know who’s playing Master Chief in the Halo TV series. However, what about Cortana? Who’s playing Cortana in the Halo TV series?

Thankfully, we know – and it’s good news for die-hard fans of the series.

Cortana Halo TV series – who’s playing her?

In Paramount Plus’ new Halo TV series, Cortana is being played by Jen Taylor. Taylor is the voice you’ve been hearing all of those years – she’s voiced Cortana since Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001! For a lot of fans, this was the only option and we’re thankful that Paramount Plus could find a way to bring her into the project.

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Taylor can also be heard as the voice of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy in almost every iteration of their characters since Mario Golf in 1999. She’s also voiced Toad on occasion alongside appearing as a series regular in RWBY – as Salem.

The Halo series is set at the height of the 26th century’s war between Humankind and the Covenant. It looks as though the discovery of a Halo Ring and Master Chief’s break from his programming will be key factors in driving the narrative forwards – but expect a lot of kick-ass action to show up too. Jen Taylor’s Cortana is expected to be an important part of the series – much like she is in the Halo video games – but we don’t know how often she’ll pop up in each episode just yet.

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Halo: The Series is set to hit Paramount Plus on March 24, 2022.

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