Trust GTX 863 MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mazz Mechanical Keyboard

Trust is a brand name you can trust, right? Their products aren’t the most expensive, but they often get the job done for a budget price. Mechanical keyboards and budget price aren’t often two words you see in the same sentence, though. When we got the chance to review Trust’s GXT 863 MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard, we were excited, to say the least. If you’re looking for a new mechanical keyboard, or one to test the waters with, this might be the perfect peripheral for you.

Trust’s MAZZ Keyboard does what it needs to…

As mechanical keyboards go, the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard from Trust is a pretty solid one. It isn’t too heavy, but it’s not necessarily what you would consider lightweight either. There is quite a good lift from each key and we can certainly say we’ve had no issue using it to write this review – and a lot of other stuff – over the last couple of days. It does what it needs to do well and you can’t really ask for more than that. Trust claims that the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard keys will last for 50 million keystrokes – they have also shared the following statistics for the switches used:

  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Min. Actuation Force: 30g
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm

There’s a good selection of RGB LED options – which you can access by pressing the Scroll Lock key, funnily enough, but you can’t customise them like you can with other keyboards. We’re certain there’s probably software out there that can do it, but you can’t tweak it as much as you’d like right from the keyboard. Also, due to the nature of the backlit keys, it can be quite hard to see which key you’re pressing if you have the RGB LEDs turned off. This isn’t an issue isolated to the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard, but it’s something to note. For a cheaper RGB keyboard, it does have quite a range of RGB LED lighting options pre-set – fourteen in total. For someone who isn’t as bothered about personalising them as much, it’s more than enough.

The only issue is, each row is permanently one colour… / Image Credit: Trust

It’s also worth specifically noting that it’s quite light for a mechanical keyboard. This might be because the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard is cheap, but it’s certainly a fair weight for someone who was hoping to use this mechanical keyboard as a mechanical keyboard they travel with. This lighter weight does come with a few issues, though. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as other mechanical keyboards. However, you have to go out of your way to try and twist and break a mechanical keyboard anyway… If you’re using this as a regular person would, you’re fine.

However, you can tell it isn’t the most expensive keyboard…

If you’re familiar with the Trust brand, you’ll know that their products are on the cheaper side of things. This doesn’t mean they’re bad – far from it, actually – but, it does mean that you get what you pay for. The MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard is a fantastic value-for-money peripheral, but it’s missing some “Quality of Life” features that other keyboards – mechanical, or otherwise – boast.

For starters, it doesn’t have Dedicated Media Keys. This doesn’t mean you can’t control media with your MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard, though, because you can. You can still skip a song, pause your YouTube video, or change the volume of your PC with your MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard… You just need to hold FN before you press one of the Function Keys. Almost every keyboard has these Function Keys – F1, F2, F3… You get the idea – and the MAZZ isn’t missing out. It’s just a bit of a pain to hold FN and then press F9, for example, rather than just pressing the Mute Key on a larger keyboard.

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In addition to this, the wire is prone to becoming twisted and tangled if you move the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard around a lot – Obviously, this isn’t a major practical issue but we’re prone to a fabric-woven cable, okay? The wire for the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard feels cheap – probably because it is – but as long as you’re not moving things around too much it isn’t an issue. The cable is permanently attached to the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard though, which is something to note if you’re planning on travelling with this. You can’t remove it and store it separately like you can with other, higher-end, mechanical keyboards.

It would benefit from another couple of rubber grips, really. / Image Credit: Trust

Furthermore, it is prone to sliding on certain surfaces. Underneath the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard, there are only two rubber “feet”. The other two, which are at the back of the keyboard, are small plastic nubs. They offer little to no grip support when you’re using the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard and – as you can imagine – are rendered useless if you lift the flaps to use the keyboard in the tilted position. As long as you’re just using this keyboard for writing – which I was using it for mainly – it’s fine, however… If you’re in an intense cluster of combat in a game like Splitgate or Call of Duty, this does become a little bit of a problem. It isn’t the heaviest keyboard, so you might find it shifting a little bit around your desk if you’re not careful.

What do we think about Trust’s MAZZ then?

If you like mechanical keyboards, but you’re on a budget, the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard is a perfect choice for you.

As a mechanical keyboard goes, it does the job and it does it well – we’ve had no problems using it. The only other criticism we’d give it – other than those specified above – is that it’s a little loud. A mechanical keyboard is usually louder than a standard membrane keyboard, anyway, but the MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard can get particularly loud if you’re typing at speed – for example.

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If you’re in a shared workspace – or if you have a gaming set-up in a room you share with others – it might be worth investing a little more in a pricer mechanical keyboard with quieter keystrokes. If you’re alone and you’re blasting music with your headphones on most of the time, then this isn’t really an issue.

The Trust GXT 863 MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard is a little smaller than some keyboards – and doesn’t offer any sort of wrist support – but it does the job and it does it well. We’re going to give it As someone who doesn’t enjoy mechanical keyboards anyway, this wasn’t the worst couple of days.

Trust GXT 863 MAZZ Mechanical Keyboard


Additional Features


Build Quality




Price / Value



  • Good Value For Money
  • Decent RGB LED Options
  • Lightweight & Small


  • Can Be Loud When Using
  • Doesn't Grip Surface Very Well
  • Doesn't Come With Any Extras

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