Audeze Penrose headphones still have the same issues as the $400 Mobius

Audeze Penrose

A while back, I reviewed a pair of Audeze Mobius headphones and while the sound quality was great, I felt there were some issues that would start to become worse over time. Well, I’m back again to review the Audeze Penrose and I’m having the same issues as before.

Disclaimer: The Click was provided a review unit of these headphones for free. However, this is not sponsored nor is Audeze allowed to read this review before publishing.


The main issue that I’m having with the Audeze Penrose is the headband and the material used to cushion the top of the user’s head. Right out of the box it’s fine, but I get the same feeling I got when I reviewed the previous Audeze headphones which signals to me that over time that cushion will start to break down and become extremely uncomfortable to wear for mid-long sessions.

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This was my biggest issue with the Mobius, and it’s again my biggest — but pretty much sole — issue with the Penrose.


The quality of the Audeze Penrose headphones is actually quite good. The sound is deep, it’s balanced and it just sounds really good. (Plus, it gets really loud, which is awesome for metalheads like myself).

Like the Mobius, I’ve got no complaints when it comes to audio quality with the Audeze Penrose. Everything sounds great and it’s super rich.


The Penrose comes in at $299, which is quite a hefty price for a lot of people. However, with the sound quality the Penrose provides and features like a wireless dongle that offers a nice plug-and-play experience, Bluetooth, USB-C, quick volume controls for input and output, and more — it’ll be harder to find a cheaper pair of headphones.

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Still though, the foam padding on the headband is quite nearly a dealbreaker for me. On a $300 pair of headphones, there really isn’t any reason why these headphones can’t have better padding for a more comfortable experience.

Overall, the Audeze Penrose headphones offer a heck of a lot of features and are certainly worth it if you can look past the head pain after just a few minutes of use.

Unfortunately, I can’t. The discomfort these headphones cause is just too much for me to use on a regular basis, nor can I really recommend them.

For all of the specs and details about the Audeze Penrose click here.

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