Tamagotchi competition 2023? Exciting news as Pokemon Go creators introduce Peridot


It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone knows what a Tamagotchi is, and everyone has heard of Pokemon Go. Combine the two concepts, and a whole new, bigger and better, virtual pet emerges – Peridot.

Niantic has launched its latest project, Peridot, an AR pet. However, unlike Pokemon Go, you don’t send this one to battle or have to catch them. Peridot, like Tamagotchi, is all about raising a pet through interaction and friendly adventure.

Let’s take a look below at the magical creatures available.

Peridot – Tamagotchi X Pokemon Go

Credit: Niantic

Releasing the following trailer, it’s easy to see the appeal:

Credit: Youtube

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The Peridot website has released the following information:

Fall in love with your unique AR pets
Adopt your very own Peridot, a truly special companion, and help them grow as you feed them, pet them, and explore with them. You can also bond with your Dot as you play fun mini-games together; such as playing fetch, teaching them tricks, and dressing them in stylish outfits.

Credit: Niantic

Explore the world together during daily walks
Get some fresh air with your Peridot! Dots are curious creatures and will recognize a wide variety of environments and objects while you’re out on your daily walks. Don’t forget to keep track of your adventures together and the interesting places you visit by snapping photos and videos you can share with friends.

Collaborate with others to hatch new generations of Peridots
Diversify the Peridot species by strategizing with friends and other players around the world to hatch new generations of 100% genetically unique Dots. Discover and pass down rare Traits while encountering Peridot Archetypes that resemble some of your favorite real and mythical creatures – the possibilities are infinite!

Available to download on the App Store right now, this is one that gamers young and old should definitely be checking out!

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