Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops (March 2023): What exactly are they?

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Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops Gimmighoul

Last Updated on: 28th February 2023, 01:08 pm

As you play Pokemon Go, you’ll encounter a vast array of gyms and blue, black, or purple Pokestops at many locations, from remote spots to major cities, they’re literally everywhere!

But, there’s a newer addition within the game, or more a return of a previously released Pokestop: the Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops. Exciting!

What exactly is the purpose of the Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops? Let’s take a look below and find out.

Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops – The Purpose

pokemon go gold pokestops
Credit: Niantic

Unlike regular Pokestops, the Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops contain a different kind of item.

If you visit a Blue Pokestop (purple if you’ve recently used it), or Black when they’re occupied by a member of Team Rocket, you’ll be given a variety of Gift items, Berries, and Pokeballs.

Gold Pokestops go one step further.

Credit: Niantic

By spinning a Gold Pokestop, you have the chance to receive a bonus item. Gold coins may be granted to trainers, which in turn, link to Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

The purpose of these coins is pretty straightforward. To evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo for the first time, you will need a whopping 999 gold coins.

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First things first though, you need to connect your Pokemon Go to Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet.

Credit: Niantic

When playing Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet, you will be granted a coin bag, which works in a similar way to incense. Once active, this will attract a Gimmighoul. The rest is just time and gathering up those coins to enable you to evolve into Gholdengo.

And there we have it! Gold Pokestops explained, happy catching trainers.

Pokemon Go is available to download now on Apple and Android Mobile devices