Pokemon Go: What are Stickers used for?

Pokemon Go Stickers book

Stickers in Pokemon Go are handed out all the time from Pokestops, with unique ones handed out during events and others year-round.

But with that in mind, what are they for?

What are Stickers used for in Pokemon Go?

Stickers are small cosmetic items with very little purpose in Pokemon Go. The only explicit use for them in the game itself is attaching them to the postcards you can send to your friends alongside daily gifts – and they can another sticker back with their gifts.

If you actually like the Stickers in Pokemon Go, you could try to collect a lot of different types – if you intended to do so, being active during events and trading a lot of gifts around would be quite key however, short of you buying each new sticker pack yourself.

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Regardless there isn’t really much of a reason to be concerned with them, honestly. In-game terms alone they don’t do anything beyond being a small cosmetic someone might enjoy seeing, or otherwise, they exist purely to be collected.

If you’re just sending out gifts as part of a daily routine you may decide to stop sending stickers with them, as ultimately they make little if any difference, and adding a sticker to each gift is a slower process than it really should be. Though at the same time, so is sending gifts I suppose.

In any case, that’s all there is to say on this particular quick topic, Stickers aren’t particularly complex nor of note really, but pretty much every player will be wondering what their purpose is sooner or later, given they’ll amass a collection of them whether they like it or not through Pokestops. With all that said, if you’d be interested you can find more Pokemon Go articles, stories and guides on The Click right here, and if you’ve enjoyed my writing specifically you can find more articles written by me are available here.