Pokemon Go: Tepig Community Day, July 2021

Pokemon Go Tepig Community Day

Pokemon Go is getting ready to hold another Community Day, and this time the star of the show is Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokemon.

As is typical with community days, there will be plenty of bonuses mixed in outside of the sea of Tepig, so make sure to read the fine print.

When is the Tepig Community Day?

The Pokemon Go Community Day for Tepig starts on July 3rd, at 11 AM, ending 6 hours later at 5 PM. As usual, these times are Local time, so no need to be worried about time zones.

A 6-hour long event like this is about the norm for community days too, so we’ve got plenty of time to capture as many of this popular Pokemon Starter as we wish.

What should we expect?

As per usual for a Community Day, we can expect virtually all spawns to be replaced with the featured Pokemon – Tepig, specifically. This also makes this event an excellent chance to grab Emboar or Pignite via evolution too.

If the increased spawns alone aren’t enough for you, the event also changes the spawns from basic incense and lures to match the Community day output, so you can score even more Tepig from that.

Tepig in the Pokemon Anime
Tepig, shown here in the Pokemon Anime, is the star of this particular community day.
Credit: Bulbapedia

And if just Tepig isn’t enough for you, you can even expect a bonus to your Stardust – to the tune of 300% of the usual rate in fact. Stardust boosts like this are some of the best modifiers you can hope for in any event, given just how much Stardust even the average casual player needs for their Pokemon.

If that’s still not enough for you, evolving one of the many Tepig you catch into Pignite and then Emboar will net you an Emboar with the event-exclusive move Blast Burn.

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Emboar in the Pokemon Anime
Emboar in the Pokemon Anime, Credit: Bulbapedia

Is there anything else?

There are just a few more things. As usual, the Pokemon Go Tepig Community Day will feature Photobombs of the star of the show, a long-standing trend of Community days. In keeping with other long-standing trends, there’s also a Community Day box available in the store for 1280 coins, and an event-specific research ticket for the day that’ll run you a price of $1 or regional equivalent.

Additionally, the shiny form of each of the three members of the Tepig family is expected to release with this event, I’ve included the apperances from the game assets below.

Pokemon Go Tepig community day shiny family release
The Shiny version of the Tepig Pokemon Family, Credit: PokemonGoFandomwiki

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Certainly a fairly interesting Shiny, blue-flame is a nice twist on any Fire-Types, helps diversify their colour palette quite well. Not the biggest fan of yellow Tepig, though realistically first-form is typically quite small changes with shinies.

In any case, this event will make a great chance to hunt down this new Shiny, so best of luck Trainers.

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